At the Longmont Home Depot I was trying to buy soil amendments. I knew what I wanted. In addition to those I would have bought there were two end of aisle displays of items I thought might work. None of these items were priced. Further, I could get no assistance.

I also needed help (bad back) to place the items I would buy in the shopping cart. No help was available.

Receiving no assistance, as usual, I left disappointed and fairly angry.

I will still buy the items I desired but not at Home Depot. Why are you in business?

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Arvada, Colorado, United States #822554

Must be Longmont, ran into the same thing at Longmont Lowes, decided to run by N. Thorton HD (not on weekend when they are way to busy) and I couldn't turn a corner without being met by someone who was willing to help.


Are you disappointed and angry in yourself for allowing yourself to have a BAD BACK? Only people who have bad backs are lazy people who live an unhealthy lifestyle.

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