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One year ago I had a kitchen installation including all stainless steel appliances and good quality cabinets. The job was done by Mr.

Floors, contracted by Home Depot. I am still trying to get what was done wrong corrected and the kitchen completed. Through the design process, I stressed repeatedly hat on laundry cabinet would have to be done to support doors. They DO NOT.

The area is unsightly, moldings on the floor are loose, the base board were removed and not replaced. During the process this same cabinet had to be done 2x because they put it wrong the first time. The VERY expensive side panels were cut, so when they redid it, there is a big gap at the back on both sides. If anything leaks from the laundry faucets, water will flood under the kitchen cabinets.

The dishwasher was epoxyed to the Silestone counter, the seals were not put around the dishwasher. I came home one day and they had moved the cabinets out from the corner and cut a hole from mid wall to the floor. When I asked what they were doing they said the phone wasn't working. The phone wires are on the other side of the house.

So that all had to be repaired and the cabinets put back in place. The electrical outlets over the counters were too low and had to be redone so the counter top could go in. They redid my plumbing in the laundry without consulting me, saying there was a leak.

This isn't the whole story, there is actually more. They did repair some of the things, but the cabinet is still incomplete and needs to be done again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Today is October 8. I have written to the Home Depot Home Office in Atlanta with copies to Home Depot on Power Inn and Mr.

Floors. As of today, there has been no response from anyone.


To the person making the post, thank you for letting other consumers know of things to be prepared for going in to any similar project. The fact that people use a website like this to inform and allow the retailer to make good -you think- would be a good thing.

The person responding to your post seems a little more vested than just a person looking for a place to leave a positive message, lol. Usually, it's a company (social media) or an employee that tries to turn anything that can be taken negatively against home depot and spin it to make the person posting a comment or sharing frustrations, seem silly. People like that are basically jerks and only make themselves (and the retailer) look like morons. Look at all the past responses and it will make you laugh, I'm sure.

I wish I had suggestions for you on getting everything corrected on your project. Maybe before anyone else work on it, you could show them individual pictures and put it all in writing (both parties)so there shouldn't be any confusion going forward.

Good luck!

to Jakd #725502

Thank you! We have been living with this a full year, slow going, but we will get it corrected soon I hope!


I am surprised that anyone would make a personal attack on someone writing a complaint especially when you can clearly see that the cabinet is question is not right, too big, no doors. I have also had a similar experience with the lack of professionalism and shoddy work by Home Depot. The product is good, the help is not.


This is interesting...We have had 2 kitchens done through home depot with the same contractor and everything has always been a pleasure. The workers and management are all very respectful and are always willing to help with questions that i had regarding the project.

Highly recommended to go with them. Anyway, i accidentally stumbled across this website looking for a place to leave a positive review of my experience.

Clearly its not here, this seems like a place where spoiled, ungrateful people go to cry about their first world problems instead of dealing with them like normal adults. So depressing

to Anonymous #719543

Hi, This is my complaint above. I also have had Home Depot install two kitchens and many other project for me with complete success.

This project, however, as you can see from the pictures, is an ongoing nightmare! Your comments are unwarranted.

This type of website is a last ditch effort to get companies to do the right thing for consumers. Th fact that you felt it necessary to minimize another persons experience (someone you don't even know) is depressing.

to Anonymous #719581

I'm not minimizing your experience, I'm minimizing the whole idea of this website. I never knew this type of website even existed.

Its silly to think that any size company, let alone a big corporation like home depot, would care about the 10 people that might stumble across this website on accident like I did. Your story also doesn't make sense. There is no contractor that would send out guys to do work on something if there wasn't a reason for them to do it. Clearly the whole story isn't being told.

I own a business as well and I would not have my employees undo and redo their work unless I had a reason. How would they know if your phone was working or not? Why is fixing a plumbing leak a bad thing? Why is fixing the outlets a negative issue if it remedied the initial mistake?

These are the type of complaints that I am surprised people have and this is what this website is filled with...There's complaints on this website because something took 5 weeks instead of 3 because they were given an APPROXIMATE time of 2-3 weeks to completion. I guess people don't know what approximately means...Anyway, I have wasted enough time on this website.

Kitchen looks great in the 1st photo above, the only thing "unsightly" about it is the lack of organization of your stuff. Good luck with your efforts, if nothing comes out of it at least you had a place to vent this horrible life changing experience you had :) I won't be back here ever again


Always hire your own contractor. You'll have more control and save the money Home Depot is charging you to hire a contractor to do the job.

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