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I am very upset and this is the second time back I think January 6 I had someone cone and measure for 1 Exterior door 2 Storm Doors and like 8 interior doors to be installed! Was told 48 to 72 hours I should bear from someone well 3 weeks later I go to the store after being told measurements in I choose my doors then I ask about interior doors well no measurements turned in or done yet!

Was told he would get back to me in 2 days so now we are I think 5 weeks and still nothing! If this is how home depot works I do not want them doing any work for me because I could wait a year for a job to actually be completed! You think they would take this job since times are so different with covid but I guess my $3000 or little more means nothing and maybe home depot doesn't need my business! Just sad no one wants business or work and was told that Home Depot is much better than lowe's go to home depot well I can say Home Depot is terrible!

Soon to be 6 weeks and measurements not turned in or else employees in Millwork don't want to do there hob and flow up on this stuff!

So I can take my business to Your Lumber purchase my doors and hire a small contractor to do this job!

Maria L Hewitt

814 932 ****

Altoona Pa Home Depot

Will i continue to let me know if the great customer service you bet I will! It excuse me Sucks!!!

Preferred solution: Someone would have gotten back to me on measurements of all doors!.

Home Depot Pros: There customer service is a 0.

Location: 1676 Osgood Drive, Altoona, PA 16601

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