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Dear wonderful Home Depot :

To who it may concern I would like to share my concern with your customer service at the Home depot in the Missoula city. I am a General contractor from California and work with your customer service as well as the store manager on issues at my home store in San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and as well in Santa Maria. I have to tell you I have never meet such an individual as the store manager you have in Missoula , Orrion French who flat out lies to your face and tells you he will do anything to please you. His actions and the lies he tells you provide the proof he is not customer service oriented.

I am telling you this information first so you will understand what I have been dealing with for the last three weeks. I am in the town of Annaconda working on a one and only master bathroom for my aunt, with my dad, and his two other brothers. This required installing new drain lines, new copper lines, new flooring new framing, new insulation, new bathroom fan, new cast iron Kholer bath tub and new Swanstone surround. All of these materials were purchased at Home Depot with no hesitation. Now the fun starts. The tub was ordered along with the Swanstone tub surround on 9th of August 2010 with your sales associate Greg Bennett at your Missoula Home Depot. We asked for a time frame for delivery Greg at that moment said let me call and ask, he call your distributor on the phone who stated that 5 – 7 days it would arrive as its destination. The Swanstone tub surround would arrive 2 weeks later. Ok Greg asked so it may arrive by Friday but possibly by Monday, but definitely would arrive on Monday. The distributor on the phone said yes that is correct. The order was placed and the time frame seemed to be working with the timing on the bathroom work. Greg did not post on the order under notes who he talked, when the time or the date when he talked with them, big mistake.

Friday came and went, Monday, Tuesday then on Wednesday 18th of August 2010 at 1:35pm we called Home Depot and asked where was our tub that was supposed to be delivered. They, fist Phill who was working in the department and later Orrion French asked for the order number to check on the order and to talk and ask the distributor about the order. Now I would assume that they would pull up the invoice and read the entire invoice – especially the notes at the bottom that stated ship the tub as soon as possible. It was in stock when we ordered and was still in stock when Phill and Orrion French called and inquired. We were told by your store manager Orrion French that the tub was placed on hold waiting for the delivery of the tub surround and that they are going to ship just the tub it and it will take two weeks to reach us now. Now I have dry wall installers asking if they can start work, and I have no cast iron tub to install – to finish drywall down to continue with the progress of the bathroom. I was told by Phill and by Orrion French that there is no way that Home Depot can get the tub any quicker than two weeks. I asked and inquired no you can overnight, expedite or express ship anything you want – please help me out and get it expedited so I can continue my project. Again your representatives told me there are no way they can get it any quicker than two weeks.

On Thursday, mad about the situation that the project is in – since in two weeks my vacation / work helping my aunt would be over my dad and I drove 120 miles 1:45 mins to get to Missoula to confront your representatives who were pushing me off. Orrion French and Phill of coarse are unreachable at the moment so at 8:15 am we start the scenario over with a new representative Tanya Kuhl. Who after a little bit of time actually has a good head on her shoulders and is very will to help customers in the store. Big help – she tells us let's call the vender and find out what is going on. So she calls and finds out that they did send it out regular shipment- no express or no send this out rush. Nice Phill and Orrion French you did me a big favor. She asked if the tub could be returned and shipped faster, the distributor stated that it was just put on the truck and the truck had not left but was still being loaded. She was also informed we could overnight ship it, rush or expedite ship it to the store in Missoula and was amazed that Phill or Orrion French did not offer this to us.

For the next 4hrs, yes my dad and I stayed there in the Missoula Home Depot to get this tub – it was that important. We worked asked questions, inquired and waited for responses from the distributor and from Tanya kuhl the Home Depot representative on the availability of the tub getting shipped faster. So from 8:15 am until 12:15pm my dad and I worked with Tanya to get this tub. Orrion French realized that Tanya was helping us with our order, 9:30am in the store, that he messed up and told us "oh good Tanya is helping you, she will do right by you and get your tub quickly – no worries". What in the world does Orrion French do in Home Depot besides hide out and just walk around? Placed and expressed over night order with your vender made possible through Tanya and Jill in your ordering and express shipping department. No at 12:15pm the order was in, it was approved and agreed by Home Depot that the distributor would pick up a large portion of the cost to ship the tub since they made the mistake and did not read the paperwork to send the tub. Home Depot would pick up a small portion of the cost to ship the tub. No the really fun part - 15 minutes later ( after we did some banking) while going for some lunch thinking that the tub issue was resolved and that we received a call from Orrion French the store manager that he personally canceled the order and that the tub would arrive 5 – 7 days from today. I told him you have to be kidding do you understand how much work we did to get the tub by Friday. He told me, you will just have to wait – that is the best we can do, but we could refund you money and give you +10 % and you could go order from Lowe's. Let me understand this correctly first you mess up my order, don't help me when you are at fault then you are paying me to go to your competitors' because your unable to fulfill an order, interesting. I really wonder how often Orrion French does this because he was sure quick to offer this.

On that note I am still waiting for my tub that should have arrived 5 – 7 days and thinking that Orrion French needs to be fired from Home Depot and that Tanya needs to be promoted. I mean all Orrion French did is tell us lies in the store and on the phone. The following picture's show the work order and the order number (note also the notes at the bottom of page) and a picture of the bathroom minus the glorious tub.

At this point I wish to show my concern with others visiting your store. First I will have to give them this letter and they can read the following instructions .

#1. Ask the person you are dealing with how long they have been in the department. In Missula they move people around to cover the different departments. I personally watched ten individuals from other departments work in the kitchen area taking orders and answering questions.

2. Ask the person you are dealing with how long they have been working in the department – more so how long have they been training. A lot of Home Depot employee's get a shotgun introduction to work in the department they are working in – in other words the guy your ordering from may only have 4hrs experience training in their department.

#3. Ask about their name and department number – there may be several phill's in the store and remember that may not be his regular department he works in .

#4. Ask if he or she is going on vacation or what days and hours he or she works. You want to reach them since you have spent hours placing and deciding on your fixtures and their color scheme.

#5. Find out if Orrion French is the store manager or works there or worse your in the Missula Home Depot – if he does run for the hills , your order is going to get messed up and he will stump any progress in you getting your fixtures on time. Go to Lowe's – learn from my recent mistake.

T. Edwards Construction

Credit card holder, Pro products purchaser – how much longer ?

P.S. Maybe others can buy pass Home Depot and go directly to Lowe's and eliminate the headaches that I am having. Maybe even order from their home town building supply shops, which I should be looking in to once I get back home.

If I can find a way to add pics I will add a jpg of the order and the condition of the drywall showing how the bathroom sits now for two weeks ..

Monetary Loss: $200.

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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #266265

Tinzley here from Home Depot's Customer Care Team. I'd like to see how we can assist with any product or service issues. Please send an email to Thank you.


Home Depot Customer Care

Atlanta, GA 30339


Dear : George Watts ~ since you sincerely think I slam~ed the wrong guy ~ interesting enough.

You wrote "I have been to home depot and the assistance Manager Orrin French has always helped us in every way. He is very smart and has never lied to us! Way to slam the wrong guy."

So lets pull this apart, Uhmm when I first talked with Orrin French his statement to me was he was the store Manager of the Home Deopt (first lie). I never did say anything to the effect that Orrin was not smart ~ quite the contrary ~ if he can bully customers to waiting for their product for longer periods then they were first told ~ he is very smart and persuasive.

If you read through my passage that I wrote ~ he did try to help us in every way he could ~ until we left (very smart) do not say no to a customers face ~ say it over the phone after they have left ~ and when you are going on lunch break (give customer 1 hrs to settle down)

Hey do me a favor, Print out what I wrote and show it to him ~ and watch his face. As he lies to you and denies it. Then for proof go talk to Tanya and get the real story or better yet talk to their accounting office behind the customer service who worked on this problem for 2hrs as well.

As for slam~ing the wrong guy. I would have to tell you about supervising is that you are responsible for everyone around you, this really does suck but it is the way it is in the business world. Now but your response I would have to assume...

Read through my passage again and think ~ would and regular person ~ see this as a reasonable requirement ~ can Home Depot possibly do such a request ?

Biggest and best question for you George Watts ~ why would a contractor white such a lengthy report on individuals and in details and time lines ? If it was not true ..

But the way George ~ if your looking for more horr stories on Orrion French and that Home Depot ~ you dont have to look far, I have 24 reports on that Home Depot that people sent to me as far as complaints.

I hope that all your Home Depot experiences are wonderful and fruit full ~ that is that way it should and suppose to be. But tell me ~ have you special ordered anything ?

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I have been to home depot and the assistance Manager Orrin French has always helped us in every way. He is very smart and has never lied to us! Way to slam the wrong guy.


In response to "What happened"

Hmm where to start ? #1 you need to get your facts straight ~ the names and positions I posted are correct ~ I have their home depot cards with their position titles if you do not believe me . Ok , next question is why are you talking with the home depot Store manager already ~ have problems your self ??

I later learned the individual who was the store manager (as he represented him self and handed me a business card that stated so) was the acting store manager (who the store manager posted while he was on vacation and approved of himself)very poor decision ~ as he turned out out to be the worst customer service individual in the store. The question is why he would post this man instead of Tanya (who runs the entire store it seems) is anyone's guess. May be he is afraid of loosing his job.

So what happened , hmm the tub finally arrived in Butte MT.on Aug 26 by air freight, was sent to distribution center the next day in Butte Mt. From Butte it was shipped to Whitehall on the Aug 27. On the 30th is was shipped to Bozeman to the distribution center. On the 31th we inquired and were told that the tub was being shipped to Missoula for delivery on the 7th or 8th of Sep , your kidding . Great, Home depot realized we really needed this tub but we are the only ones inquiring about the tub. On the 2nd we personally picked up the tub. On the 3rd the original store manager returned and talked with dealing with the situation. Yes...

Just my two cents , hopefully your experience is better ...

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #191634

Did HD take care of the issue?I was in the Missoula Home Depot and the guy listed in this complaint is not the Store Manager!

Way to drag the wrong guys name through the mud.The SM in Missoula has always taken care of me and especially the community.


Must be a Montana thing. Manager in Billings "may be" a liar, too, and the district manager who appears to operate out of the Helena store is no better. Need to get his name and post it on here.

If either one of them loses their jobs because enough of us stop shopping at HD, neither one of them deserves another job, in my opinion!


About six years ago I purchased several thousand dollars of hardwood for a repo house I had purchased, was renovating, and going to live in.When I purchased the flooring I asked the sales accociate helping us if there was anything we could use as a protective coating that would also make the hardwood shine.

He said sure, Polyurethane. So we put hardwood throughout the livingroom, dinning and kitchen and returned to Home Depot (in Summerville, SOuth Carolina)and purchased the poly as well as got instruction from the flooring department on how to apply it. Unfortunately the sales associate was a dumb a$$ and told us to apply the poly with a roler. When we applied the poly you couldn't see anything was wrong, but when it dried, there where small bubbles covering the floor, the floors where ruined.

We went back to Home Depot and told the manager what his sales associate directer us and the flooring that we had just purchased was ruined.

The manager told us there was nothing he could do, but refend our money for the poly.

I had to end up taring up the floors and put down carpet in the living and dinning are and tile in the kitchen, because there was no way I could afford more hardwood.

I haven't been back since.It will be 6yrs in November..

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #187659

I have issues with Home DEpot, but they have always gone out of there way to correct the issue.


Tinzley and Stephanie are totally worthless with their stereotypical responses.

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #183221

Hi, I'm Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care. I apologize about your experience and I'd like to make sure this gets taken care of. Can you send an email with your order details to

The Home Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd

Atlanta Ga. 30039

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