Ordered , bought, a washer dryer,stackable. Delivery date was 08/26/2021.

On purchase after leaving the store we noticed that our address was wrong. We called immediately and were assured the the St Cloud Mn store would make the correction. Delivery date was 08/26/2021. I received a call from the delivery people they were 37minutes away.

After 3 calls from the delivery person as to the correct address a call came from the delivery office that they couldnt deliver to an address not on the paper . After numerous calls we are told we/you!!! Will need to establish a new delivery date. Now, the delivery folks are in our area( actually they had to be within a mile of our actual address) but couldnt deliver because the address wasnt correct.

Home Depot St Cloud gave us a major rundown.blah blah worried about fraud. Mind you the delivery person was in our area, a Dan acknowledged there was a update for our address. But we would have to wait for a new delivery date. Both my wife and I took off to make sure someone was here, for delivery.

Apparently your policy doesnt coincide with our schedules. The delivery person could have come and gone in less time than its taken me to sound off! How can you in the future expedite situations like this? Now we have to wait 24hours for a new delivery date!

Oh by the way the delivery person drove 2 hours to NOT deliver our purchase!

Whats that cost. Fix your system!

User's recommendation: Make sure the sales person has things right, ask and expect verification and confirmation. Flexible in the delivery process and faster communication/efficiency between sales and delivery. Don’t lie or pass the buck, be responsible in a TIMELY way.

Location: Kensington, Minnesota

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