My complaint is that I purchased a Troy Bilt Bronco lawn tractor from Home Depot and after a couple of using it I was very disappointed in its operations. I called Home Depot several times but they have the return policy of no longer that 30 days can you return the item.

I think mine was around 45 days.

A mower is something you dont use every day to be able to find out all the problems. I was trying to return the mower and buy another one that doesnt have all the many problems this has

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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What do you expect Home Depot to do with the tractor if they took it back? The manufacturer has a warranty that covers repair, not replacement.

The manufacturer will repair defects in the mower and won't take it back from Home Depot. If you feel this mower has more problems than usual you should be working with the manufacturer to see if they will replace it as they are responsible for the warranty, not the retail store.


You should have checked on the return policy BEFORE you made the purchase. Today... Go get it fix, not their problem.

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