We had discussed our carpet needs twice with store employees, decided on what we wanted, and had their person that measures come out to finalize the amount needed for the job. The installation was planned for a Saturday morning and we were told the crew would be here between 11AM and 2PM.

My husband called the Thursday before to verify and confirm the time which they did, 11AM to 2PM. We were to break down our beds and had broken down our second bed as agreed upon to avoid that charge. We had not yet broken down our bed since we had slept in it the night before. We were beginning to break down our bed when my husband received a text at 8AM stating that they were on their way to our house.

A crew of three arrived at 8:15AM. Though they were early my husband walked them around the house to show what had to be done. When they saw the bed in our room they immediately said you are not ready and proceeded to call the home office of their company USIG that Home Depot hires to do these jobs who in turn called my husband. They called to say there was a problem in that we were supposed to be ready at 8AM.

Needless to say this was not the time we had initially scheduled or that they had confirmed the Thursday before. Rather than let us break down the bed and move it they said they could not wait and that they had a repair to make at another residence and would be back at 11AM. We later found out that they had gone back to USIG, unloaded the carpet and padding and had left for Pennsylvania. So we were left waiting for a crew that was never going to come back since they had in fact left for Pennsylvania.

From the moment they came to the door it was apparent laying our carpet was the last thing in the world they wanted to do on a Saturday morning. And, as we found out, this crew who as stated had nothing to do with Home Depot and, as referenced, had come from Pennsylvania and they had told the company they worked for that they wanted to get back to Pennsylvania on Saturday, this same day. Bottom line they had no desire or intention to lay the carpet. Since we had moved everything out of closets, broken down the other bed and moved other small furniture, and it was all in our living room and dining room, we were stuck with this, we knew, for at least a few weeks.

My husband had several tense conversations with Home Depot who said there was no way they could even reschedule for about a month. When he went to the store to speak to the Manager, since it was a weekend, she was not there and he spoke with an Assistant Manager but was given another Managers name and number for him to call during the week. When he called her, she said she reported to the other woman so basically it appeared they were passing the buck.

That Saturday afternoon after the crew left we went to a local business, picked out a better carpet and had it installed beautifully within two weeks. Bottom line is that Home Depot uses a company with what appears to be substandard employees to lay their carpet and Home Depot does not take responsibility for whatever may happen.

Again, go local and DO NOT use Home Depot.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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