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So let me tell you what happened and why I am writing you all again. During last year around this time I had purchased Garage Door Opener from Evanston,IL store.

The person over there told me that installation service person is not available there at the time so on my way home I stopped by at Elk Grove, IL home depot and purchased the services to install Garage Door opener. They told me someone will contact you within couple days. I did not receive call from service installation to scheduled appointment service for week so I called Home Depot & the manager told me he will look into it and call me back. Did not hear from him for two days.

So I called again another manager told me he will call find out and call me in 10min. Same scenario. no show. Then I went to online chat to and let the person know that no one has called me to just to schedule the update.

She told me she will contact the contractors and let me know. She told me that she will not get the answer for next 4-5 days and mind you this is just to setup appointment and not installing it. So this drag few more days. So I got tired of going back and fourth with contractors that services Home Depot provides.

I ws not getting answer so I had e-mailed you all and everything was done within a day and I Thank You all the executives for their help. I have written reviews where I Thank all of you for contacting me back. I took another chance & I trusted Home Depot to get my garage door and installation Home Depot which I got it 3 months back from Bartlett,IL. First month was good no noise, quite and everything was fine but after that it was started making noise.

When they installed I asked them to check it out because those installer used some of the old door stuff in the new door(pix attached). They came out and told me everything is good. I did not know what it was causing it so my wife had talked to the person call Barb there and told her the situation month ago. She told us that it will cost us to have someone come out and see it and she already paid those service people $73.

I did not want to spend the money since I already knew both things are new & done like few months ago. Last week I spoke to Barb telling her situation and told her that my Garage door is making noise. She is like it is not garage door it is Garage door opener. You need to call Chamberlaine since it was their product.

I am like the noise is coming from Garage Door and not from Garage Door opener. She did not agree and told me that she already paid $73 to have someone come out and check it out and she did not want to spend another money to the services. I am like ok then I went home and my friend was at dinner who has better knowledge on this then me and ask him to take a look at it. He told me the person who installed the garage door opener did not install it correctly.

So i got on ladder next morning and see what's making noise and to my knowledge I see that Garage door opener and Garage door is hanging by only one screw(which I have attached pix). The chain which should be bolted to the ceiling was out(attached picture). I had pipe with wires for lights outside is down(attache pix). One of the screw which is holding garage door is half way out(attached movie).

It is really hazards to open the door now. I had my car, snow blower and my garbage is in my garage. I can't take my kids (2 years old) from garage in this last week bitter cold and snow storm weather outside. I had 4-7inch of snow with had on 3 park car outside and I went to talk to manager at Bartlett,IL they did not find the my information about garage door opener in to the system, so I thought I bought it from Schaumburg,IL which they did not find it either.

They told me that they can't see anywhere in the system that I have bought it from so either I have to bring original receipt then they can do it. Luckily my wife found original receipt which I had included in this e-mail. So I got call from Barb again and I told her that I have bought it from Elk Grove,IL instead of Bartlett,IL. She has to pay $73 for services which is install on ELK Grove, IL.

She did not want to pay for it. She told me first you must go there since you paid the service there. I am like can you do something about it. She told me she will have to contact install services and they will call me in two days for appointment.

I am just scared that it might repeating the same story again. I have two cars and my wife takes one to her work and I can't get another car out. I told her its hazards. It could fall any min.

and my car or my kids or family member can get hurt but she still in her thing that she has to pay $73 for service on the job that is done by Elk Grove, IL. The person who had install that Garage door opener did not even put on stud or drywall. They put the screw on like box paper board. I just touch to see if there was any stud and there was not.

I please bag you that you need to reevaluate your contractor services because they are not performing the job and getting Home Depot name down. again I am so sorry for writing it again with this long e-mail but I hope you read every bit to see my frustration that is going on year but more importantly for past few days in this bitter cold weather. I am writing you to give you inside how home owner is going through not with Home Depot but with 3rd party contractor that Home Depot is hiring since Home Depot name its self it trustworthy. Its been more then two weeks I was not able to open my garage door.

I have my car, all dirty garabage and snowblower still stuck in there. I don't need any thing back except to be able to access my garage in this cold weather because of my kids. This has been frustrating Christmas and New Year. Barb from Bartlett home depot called me last Monday and told me someone will call me within two days.

Its been 8 days. I have left her message on Thursday and called Bartlett Home Deopt. The manager told me give me a order number. I told her I was out and I will come there and explain the situation.

I went there to ask for Kelly. They told me she is busy can't see me. I am like ok since other manager are vacation let me speak to store manager. She told me he is not not here.

I am like ok then please can you give me information if your store manger gone be in tomorrow or not.

She told me he is scheduled to be in there but not sure they will not know what time he will be in the office. Please there is not communication or leadership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Garage Door Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Home Depot Cons: Poor installation services.

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WoW! I always knew Home Depot hired third part installers but I always thought they had guaranteed their work.This is horrible.


Home Depot does not 'hire' the contractors. HD, Lowe's, and businesses like them, who require installation services for some of their products, offer you local contractors to choose from.

They are basically the phone book for you to choose your install from instead of you doing the googling.

They are not affiliated nor do they work for the hardware stores. If there is a fee, that is between you and the installer.


That is absolutely not true. HD....Lowes do hire installers/contractors to perform a number of services that HD....Lowes tells you..the consumer that they offer i.e.

carpet installation, cabinet/counter top installation, garage door as well as garage door opener installation, etc. They DO NOT act as a phone book and/or referral service by giving you the name(s) and number(s) of installers that they recommend.

When you purchase a product from HD/Lowe's and pay for installation the installer(s) that perform the work are not employees of the store they are 1099 sub-contractors that do installations for HD/Lowe's ( sometimes for both places) as well as other installations for other companies and installations for customers that have contacted them directly after receiving their info from a friend/relative or finding their info on the Internet

There are companies that don't hire contractors to perform services and merely refer a customer to 1 or more contractors to receive an estimate for having work done i.e. Sherwin Williams but HD/Lowe's are not one of the companies that do.

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