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Home Depot engages in unethical behaviors 2 of 3 people found it helpful
Home Depot Windows Installation Review from San Antonio, Texas
Spent over $13,000 getting new windows, of coarse guaramyeed for life, will clean up, will be there for you...ALL LIES,,,they flew through this house, destrying anything in way, broke a few things, didnt clean ,had no respect for persons home..one screen came in tore and two screens are to small, to this date i am still trying to get screens...i do not like dishonesty, says a lot about a person and business....i have gave them mote then enough...
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NEVER go to Home Depot for contract services. Waaaaayyyy overpriced. Home Depot marked up a $600 window to $2100/window installed. Installations are generally a few hours and $300 - $400. So where does that extra $1000.00 go? Into an undisclosed warranty fee. Home Depot does not break down their quotes into material, labor, and extra's so you won't see their deceptive behaviors. Imagine paying 150% of product cost in a warranty on that...
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