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I purchased a window to be replaced from Home Depot (HD). Had the sales person come and sell me on the fact that if you pay more you will get more from our services and such. The whole song and dance. So I went ahead and made the agreement with HD to replace my window for easily over $150 more than other estimates. Well this was my biggest mistakes. After paying and waiting a month for the window, it arrives broken. Being as the crack was much...
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Anonymous Can you imagine how replacing all of your windows would be?
10 times worse, trust me! :(

I liked
  • Install team
  • Lifetime warranty
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Truthful responses and follow up
  • Lack of customer service
As for my Windows I was misled and misinformed every step of the way with these. I am not happy with the overall look of the Kitchen and Living room windows The model I was shown did not accurately represent the large amount of View I would be giving up I went from a 2 inch space between windows to 8 inches of the added 4 inches around the sides.cutting my total view almost in half. If that was all Id say Oh well that what I...
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Spent over $13,000 getting new windows, of coarse guaramyeed for life, will clean up, will be there for you...ALL LIES,,,they flew through this house, destrying anything in way, broke a few things, didnt clean ,had no respect for persons screen came in tore and two screens are to small, to this date i am still trying to get screens...i do not like dishonesty, says a lot about a person and business....i have gave them mote then enough...
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NEVER go to Home Depot for contract services. Waaaaayyyy overpriced. Home Depot marked up a $600 window to $2100/window installed. Installations are generally a few hours and $300 - $400. So where does that extra $1000.00 go? Into an undisclosed warranty fee. Home Depot does not break down their quotes into material, labor, and extra's so you won't see their deceptive behaviors. Imagine paying 150% of product cost in a warranty on that...
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isellhomes I agree with you. I don't understand why the local law enforcement agency's allow this fraud warranty sale to continue.
Here is my piece...
Don't fall pray to the LIFE T...


Anonymous You don't think stores like Home Depot are going to do the work of hiring a contractor for you and handle the scheduling without making a PROFIT do you? If you want to save mo...