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On December 14th, 2011, I purchased a new GE Advantium Over the Range Oven to replace my exisiting advantium that had died. On December 16th the installers came to my home to do the installation, the installation company was in fact NOT home depot, but a subcontracted company called LINN STAR TRANSPORTATION out of Benica, CA. The two installers that came did not have command of the english language, and couldn't clearly be understood. During the removal of my old oven, they dropped it on my range, even after i insisted they remove the range to avoid damaging it. They dented and scratched the range and broke one of the gas control jets. Then while they were carrying the old oven out, they dropped it on my hardwood floor, denting it in multiple places, and denting my fridge. The installers never told me that they caused any damage until after I queried them as to what they thought they were doing. Then during the installation of the new oven, they stood on my granite counter tops, causing it to crack clean through, and then used my cabinet doors as leverage to lift the 160+lb over up onto the mount, thusly ripping the cabinets off the wall. The installers then got the new oven mounted, plugged it in, and went out to their truck and drove away, never once telling me they were done, nor acknowledging the damage they had done.

I filed a claim with Home Depot over 30 days ago, and to date nothing has been done to mediate my damages. I had to get an estimate on what it would cost to fix everything. They keep saying they are "investigating liability" and parading people thru my house. Total damage repairs are estimated at $33,000+ to replace the floor, cabinets, counter tops, and range damaged.

Home Depot has taken no responsibility stating that they referred it to the installers insurance company, and the installer wont return calls! Its been 31 days, and NOTHING...

Avoid Home Depot, and NEVER allow LINN STAR TRANSFER into your home! They will *** over and take your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Installation.

Monetary Loss: $33000.

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THANK you. I think they should settle with you


I had a very similar problem. Does anybody know wich type.of lawyer take care of these cases???


So they failed installed a microwave and now they have to pay for a brand new kitchen? *** who is your lawyer?


That's what you get CHEAP ***!

Next time get estimates from 3 local, licensed and insured contractors!!!!!!

And Make sure they Speak English!!!!!!!


Another sad installation under Home Depot's umbrella. I'm a contractor in Kansas City and have been for 25 yrs.

Seems the new consumer wants the convience and accountibility of a national operation but are repeatly dissapointed.

Wherever you live there are locally owned companys with homegrown employees eager and willing to please. Ask friends and family and search locally for your improvments.


I'd be happy to look into this for you. Please email at teamsocial@homedepot.com.


Home Depot Customer Care


karma came and got you good.

You rip people off with your site, now u r getting ripped.


Yet another example of the lack of control that Home Depot has shown twards it's contractors. The management team in charge of contractors for Home Depot needs to be FIRED or resign, their efforts are meaningless. Home Depot needs to completely re-do how it uses and supervises contractors and sub contractors.

I would report the contractor and Home Depot to the Better Business Bureau. I would also check into that contractor's history. If you have enough evidence I'd sue Home Depot and the contractors. Keep after Home Depot to the bitter end.

Good Luck


They still have yet to admit they even caused any damage!! :(


Bottom line is Home Depot sold the product and agreed to install the Advantium and was paid for it. I don't care that they used a subcontractor...

the fact remains Home Depot has, and should take, primary responsibility and take care of this. Then they can subrogate against Linn Star Transfer to recover!

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