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Kudos to Home Depot, they have let me bring my dog in lately and he is in doggie bliss! Thanks Home Depot, I\'m back as long as you let my doggie in, too.

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My dog loves going to Home Depot. I take him there and to pet stores because he LOVES going and it's one of the few places that let dogs go in -well so we thought until today. I have taken my dog frequently to Home Depot for months and not only to the employees come up and say "hi" to him -he's very friendly, but also I see other dogs in there all the time.

My dog is dying of kidney disease according to our vets and I am trying to make his last days as fun and pleasant as possible.

Today JAMES, the assistant manager (a short older man who claims to be 'the manager' though a Maria is) told me not to take my dog in anymore 'it upsets employees'. It's hard to remember there are employees, you can never find one there!

I spent last year at this *** place over $25,000 doing remodels. My dog has never scared or hurt anyone. He is ALWAYS on a leash. The fact that he is on the medium-large size should not keep him out since many of the dogs I see there are large, though many are also small.

If you think this is unfair please complain about JAMES, assistant store manager, store 645 in Rancho Cucamonga, California by calling 800-HOME-DEPOT. Also, bring your dogs in, too. Oh, and SHOP AT LOWE'S!!!

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I love my dogs too, but I do realize that others may not share my feelings for my dogs and I leave them at home where they belong while I shop at a store. Your dog does not belong in stores, planes, restaurants, other peoples homes uninvited. I've seen many posts talking about boycotting these businesses for not allowing dogs, I can make the same argument for allowing them.


Home Depot sucks! Leaving a dog in the car isn't a good idea.

I will find a new store to shop at.

Most people are also worse then pets Robert. Maybe you should stay home

Riverside, California, United States #634911

Leave your dog at home where it belongs. take him to the park or some where else.

Stores are not for dam pets!!! if everyone brought there dogs that place would stink like stink like the dog pound and *** every where.

do us all a favor leave you dam pets home or in your car.. :(


Some people get sick from dogs. I'm starting to believe that pet owners are as bad as smokers. leave your pets home.


Most stores and all THD's have a No Pets policy and even have a sign posted by all doors. You know, the "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" sign.

Service Dogs and those in training to be Service Dogs are exempt from this.

However, it's up to the individual store to enforce this policy. Some will be more lax than others.

There are various reasons for this policy: cleanliness, safety for both the animals and people, health safety, etc.

Some people have allergies to animals. Some people won't clean up after their animals. Some people don't control or train their animals. Some animals are aggressive. Some stores are dangerous for animals.

I'm not saying this applies to all people, animals, and stores, but it can make an impact on how much they enforce the policy and how they handle it.

While my THD does have a sign posted saying "No Pets", we don't enforce it and allow people to bring in pets. A fellow employee even bought in their pet ferret for a visit one day when they were off work. Most of the dogs I see are either tiny dogs who sit in shopping carts, or service dogs.

If you do bring a pet into the store, PLEASE make sure it's on a leash or in the basket and won't jump out. The other day I saw a tiny little terrier running around Lumber with the big fork trucks running. The owner was no where to be seen. This is DANGEROUS for the dog and the employees. The dog could get hurt. This is a warehouse after all. Employees could get hurt trying to avoid hurting the dog.

Again, please keep control of your pet and keep an eye on it (just like your kids). Please watch for the fences and employee-only signs and do not cross these unless an employee allows you.

These orange fences are used for YOUR safety. Just because you don't see machines running in that aisle doesn't mean it's safe for you to enter. At least two aisles are always blocked when a machine is running: the aisle the machine is in, and the one adjacent to the bay that is being worked. This is in case the bay is pushed too hard and topples into the adjacent aisle.

Ok, gotten a bit off topic. Sorry! I was just trying to show the dangers of not controlling your pet and why a store may not want pets there.


Google: boycott the home depot




I just sent a copy of your posts to Lowe's, ya know how you say you represent them as an employee and all. They want to reprimand you for speaking about their policies without your permission TONY. Oh, but your not reading this so you won't be answering :)


What are you guys 5? The only phobia I have are are *** people, you know like the people who are responding to my comments, by the way your short yellow bus is outside waiting to pick you guys up, don't forget your helmets!

;) oh, no need to respond I won't be back to look at your witty comments, the longer I stay here the more I feel like I turning into you guys. Enjoy your lonely pathetic lives losers.


well what are you tony, the milk monitor?

why don't you try to get a girlfriend to alleve your fobias


Tony, you whiney little creep, I bet they hated you in high school. :)

I don't go to Rancho Cucamonga store! Ha ha!

But I am going to find out where it is and call the manager and complain about you!!


Well like I said the minimum wage employees who do not run or own the company is violating store policy and state laws just as you are if you are bringing in non-service animals. I just called the store manager at the ranch cucamonga store and he informed me that non-service animals are not allowed in the store and it will be enforced.

So now you know just incase you just got your first pet and just moved to the U.S. and have never seen the signs posted on every business you have entered, now you know.


My dogs are all allowed into Lowes and the people that work there are the first to come up and greet them with a smile!


I love dogs too I have had a dog in my life since I was 4. They are great pets and friends and fill a hole in your life.

But they are still animals, you cannot bash a companies policy when they are inforcing it. If anybody who lives in Ca. Has ever walked into a store you know that it is against the law to bring pets in a business unless it is a pet store, pet hospital or bass pro shop. We all know the law but yet you choose to break it even though the minimum wage workers didn't enforce company policy giving you a false sense of approval in bringing your pet.

I am sorry for your pets condition, I recently lost a pet to cancer, but I also know where they are welcome and I take my pets there without fear of making somebody else uncomfortable or make me feel that I am special so I can break the law when I feel like it by taking my dog everywhere I go. Lastly, just some food for thought, not everyone is a pet lover, some are downright afraid for whatever reasons. But what about those people or little kids who are deathly allergic of pets? Do you in own selfishness want to be responsible for a kid going to the emergency room for the day because he can't breath, because his throat is closing up and he will be dead in 20 min.

Without treatment or medication? I don't want to be responsible for that happing to another human being because of my pets, and I would like to think that the person who disregarded store policy and state law by bringing their cat to a store and put my daughter's life in jeopardy, almost killing her.

She is fine now, but for now when I go to store and I see people bringing their pets with them I will complain to the company and leave for my daughters sake, my daughters life is more important than anybodys pet out, no matter how cute they are. For the people who just don't get it, when you are in your home you can do whatever you want, but when you leave your house, it is no longer just about you, you are liable and accountable for your actions so just be aware and a little bit more considerate to others, somebody life may depend on it.


I worked at Lowes and we had a strict 'no animal' policy unless it involved a seeing-eye dog or something to that end. So this policy is NOT simply for Home Depot but most stores because, as others have stated, there are many reasons why having a dog in the store is a large liability for the company. I'm sorry your dog is sick but the manager was just doing his job and ensuring that policy was followed.


I love to see dogs in stores. They are man's best friend.

They truly love humans. It's too bad that so many humans are not as filled with love as they are. Those limited individuals always want to restrict and limit the joy and happiness of animals, and come up with so many of their 'entitlement' excuses. If someone is 'scared' of dogs, they can easily walk 2' away.

Their unfounded fears should not allow them to limit the happiness of others including dogs. This universe was not only created for their comfort. CHEERS for those that don't lock up their animals on concrete dog runs their entire lives.

BRAVO for the few that give their dogs more than a postage-stamp space in their yard for the dog's entire life; instead these heroes share this same world that should, and does, belong to dogs too. Complainers, learn to accept more and to deal with your fears without making others suffer on your behalf.


I'm so sorry that your dog is sick. However, I don't like it when people have pets in stores. My mom is a senior and scared of large dogs. Especially pit bulls. Just seeing your dog would scare her and make her uncomfortable. He would have scared my mom. They always seem to jump up on her because they smell her little dogs and the people smile and apologize, but my mom hates it. She would probably have complained to the management.

I wish I could take my lab more places, but I get that there are people like my mom who don't like larger dogs and I understand that business need to cater to their customers.

I wonder if maybe some of your anger isn't emotion about your poor dog being so sick.


Ok this bs I take my dogs all bits mostly bullies too not as friendly looking as your full apbt. Buy the local HD love(d) em until I stopped going cause lowes is neater and u get great CS.

Don't shop at HD. Have you tried your local lowes? My pits are all given treats by the attendants every time. That never happened at HD plus people that shop at HD vs LOwes are snobs I hate those rich 50 year old Mercedes leasing ha eye *** my pit like he's satin him self.

Please don't put another dollar in HD off to lowes you must go :))). Take care and whoever said deal with it no. Would you not allow a black guy or Hispanic in a store.

We should discriminate upon our 4 legged friends. Pits are kinder then any toy dog they suck bark and are a nuisance sorry just keeping it real opinions like ***


I myself had an experience at home depot today. I went to the one in the north end of our city, as I work there. We live in the south end of the city. My dog (8lb shitzu pug) comes to work with me. We are doing a bathroom remodel and I needed to look at some stuff. I carried my dog in - not even looking for the sign on the door that says no dogs allowed (I was only thinking of keeping my dog from overheating in the car my fault). I was in there for 45 min. Numerous employees walked past me & said nothing. One ACTUALLY asked me if I needed help with anything - I had the dog in my arms!!! Then on the way out (the wrong exit doors to where I was parked) a grumpy hard to understand employee told me I wasn't allowed to have her in the store. I said I was leaving and proceeded to the other exit doors. I admit I was in the wrong to have taken her in, but REALLY - I was in there 45 min and carried her the whole time & NOBODY said anything.

I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANYTHING at HOME DEPOT for a bathroom reno, that is for sure. Today was the icing on the cake.

Our window replacement with them was a nightmare. I figured I would give them a second chance, but today was the end for them!

to doglover San Diego, California, United States #693052

Bringing a dog into Home Depot is rude and selfish, plain and simple. Some people are allergic to dogs.

It's the equivalent of blowing cigarette smoke in someone's face in a restaurant. Don't be a ***!

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