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The Home Depot paint employee did not seal the paint I purchased properly which resulted in it spilling in the back of my car. The claim was submitted to Sedgwick Claims.

The adjustor, Connor Larson, (Claim 20161056797) assigned to my case denied the claim based of off the claim of the employee that she didn’t open the paint can. When asked what evidence he has to prove this claim. He stated that he had a statement from and employee and a manager. No actual evidence.

The manager was not involved and was not present when the employee was sealing the pain back up after she had opened to compare. I asked for the in store video which he could not provide.

He had no actual evidence to deny my claim. The Paint employee absolutely opened and resealed the can of paint.

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I feel your pain, Purple Paint Person. One summer day my cousin bought a spray can of dark green paint and left it on the back seat of her car while she ran other errands.

When she returned to her car, she saw that there was green paint all over her back seat and rear window. A painter told her the summer heat caused an explosion inside the can.

I had a similar problem when the cap on a newly purchased bottle of bleach leaked in my car, ruining the carpet.

The grocery customer service rep refused responsibility. Forever after, I always tighten lids on messy products before stowing them in my car.

Cedar Grove, New Jersey, United States #1242902

That's an ugly color dude.

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1242066

I'm sure there was video that was reviewed by the claims adjuster. They, however, are not allowed to release it to you without a court order.

The reason? Video is for internal use only and releasing it to unauthorized persons is a privacy violation because other people besides yourself are likely in the video. From looking at your photo attachment, I have to say it does not look like that spill was caused simply by a loose lid. It almost looks like the can was loaded into the car upside down judging by the amount spilled and the fact that there is absolutely none on the side of the can.

If that is the case, the store cannot be held responsible.

Also, I have to ask what proof you have that the employee did open the can, since you are so adamant that they prove she did not? Your say so is not enough.

Florence, Alabama, United States #1241680

I'm confused ... Did the employee put the can of paint in your car and deliberately turn it upside down?

Because the way it looks to me, YOU put the can in the car, failed to check the lid to ensure it was secure, and further failed to secure the can itself from tipping over during your drive home. NOT the store's fault.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1239684

Why did the employee open the can of paint in the first place?


And what's your proof? An unopened paint can and a splatter pattern that makes no sense at all.

The manager wasn't there you say. Possibly. Or maybe you had the can of paint said "I want to buy this with wallet cash or card in hand" and in the 3 seconds that took said manager walked by? If what you're saying is true get a subpoena for the surveillance footage but that costs money and what you've claimed about the whole opening and closing of the paint can possibly never happened.

But that's just my opinion from the photograph you posted. Also just because you demand security footage most places don't have to give it to you for believe it or not security reasons. (Image resolution area being monitored if stationary camera...) But i digress.

Try and have a pleasant evening. Also you lost so suck it up buttercup.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1237332

Kind of a mystery here.....

Looking at the amount of paint that supposedly spilled out, yet the outside of the can has not one drop of paint on it anywhere to be seen.

Something is just not adding up here with this story......

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1235560

Once you purchase and leave the store, you take ownership of the item. How to secure and transport the item is your responsibility and yours alone.

I never put paint in my car without putting it in a sturdy plastic container, just for such incidents. Lesson learned, for next time.


Why do you think it's the stores fault paint spilled in your car? Let's start with the idea that the lid wasn't on tight.

It's pretty obvious if a lid isn't tight on a paint can. If you're old enough to be buying paint you should have noticed a loose lid (if it really was) and asked to have it sealed tightly. Only an *** would lay a can of paint on its side in their car so it can roll around in the car, banging from side to side and popping the lid off. I'll assume you aren't an *** and stood the can upright.

This leaves taking a corner too fast or hitting the brakes too hard and knocking the can over.

The impact of the can tipping over can knock a properly fastened lid off a paint can. How can you blame a store for knocking a can over in a car you were driving?

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