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This is a brief summary of my experience with Home Depot, it is still ongoing. I hired Home Depot to replace my sidning in May of 2017, for work to begin in July 2017.

The work included tear down of old siding, replacing rotten plywood underneath, and installing new siding. • Home Depot reschedules for August and drops off all material on August 1st. They then reschedule the day before. They continue to keep reschedule the day before work is to begin and then just cut off all communication.

I try calling, emailing, filing complaints, texting, anything to get a hold of someone. They only say they cannot help and someone will get back to me. Lots of material sits on lawn for several months. • After calling and filing a complaint almost every day to no avail, they show up unannounced on Sept.

19 and begin siding. • What was supposed to be a team removing my old siding, rotten plywood, and residing my house for a week turns to be one guy saying he will do it in 3 days. He begins to rush the job. • I catch him siding over old rotten plywood and call in a complaint and a stoppage of work.

• Home Depot says they are sorry and we will have discussions about compensation for how they have treated me. Work continues, they side all but a portion of my house that will require some extra work, this is on 9/25. They say they will be back to finish job. • I have contractor come out performing some work, he has to tear off portions of my house and finds that the siders have covered up more rotten wood with siding that they were supposed to replace.

He has also stated that with all his years as a contractor he has never seen such poor workmanship on siding. • I call in a complaint to Home Depot and they say they will investigate and discuss this issue with me, nothing happens. • Home Depot claims they will have the rest of siding complete by end of October. I ask if I can have another contractor finish the work and they claim it will void their warranty if I do that.

• On 10/18 it rains hard and I find out the front of my house is leaking like crazy. Home Depot claims it is not their fault but it did not leak anywhere near this degree before their siding install. They calim it is due to leakage past a window but many factors don't add up. • I have a window specialist come out and he can not see any signs of leakage.

• After HD promises to get back to me, they yet again fail. I have decided to void the warranty on the remainder of house and hire another contractor to replace a little bit of siding which is very difficult to do. It is now almost December, my siding is still incomplete. There is a bunch of rotten wood beneath the siding that Home Depot did nothing about, a bunch of material still siting in my yard since Aug, my house leaks, and Home Depot will still not have discussions with me or answer any of my complaints.

I am not one to usually complain about a business but this is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a business. I just want to warn as many people as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Siding Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Home Depot does not do installations. They hire third part contractors to do their installations.

The problem comes from the fact that those third party contractors get paid on Home depot jobs about half of what they would have if they had gotten the job on their own. So when Home depot comes to an area they have contractors clamoring to get jobs from Home depot because it seems easier to let HD do all the marketing. Then the reality sets in and no legit contractor will work for them because they are losing money working for them. So it trickles down to the half a55 contractors and immigrants to do the Home depot installations.

It doesn't take them long to realize they are getting ripped off as well. And then THEY won't do the jobs for HD anymore. And if they do, they will cut corners as much as possible so they can make some kind of money and not lose their butts.

Recommendation? Hire only legit local contractors and if you and them agree to do so, buy the materials from Home Depot.

But NEVER hire Home Depot, or Lowe's for that matter, to do any kind of labor. If you do you will get the lowest of the low in installation quality.


I agree with you that you often get the worst contractors and I have learned my lesson to never use a subcontractor. But since I went through Home Depot and signed a contract with them that this work should be done, it should be their responsibility to make sure it is done.

When I bring up concerns about the contractors work it should be looked into and it should not take 40 phone calls to get a hold of someone.

I would go after the contractor too if I knew his name, he didn't even have a company just a handyman. I believe that should be the job of Home Depot if they cared at all.

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