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In December 2016 I purchased an LG stove from Home Depot. It was during the Christmas season and I noticed immediately that the top oven didn't cook as well as the lower, and didn't heat to the chosen temperature.

Time went on and finally earlier in July I got service for my oven. At that time I was told that my oven was built in DECEMBER 2015, not a 2016 model as I thought I had purchased. This was nearly 2 model years old.

Between Home Depot and LG, it seems that they should have had a duty to let me know I was paying full price for a "last year's model." I based my purchase on the consumer reports I had seen on the newer model, and this one isn't equal to it. Home depot was remiss in not telling me they were unloading an older model.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Sold Older Model Appliance
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You know when you bye a water heater say a 6 yr model they will ask you if you want to purchase an extended warranty , you dont need one because the unit is covered for the 6 yrs ,, they dont tell you its prorated and the kicker is they go by the tag on heater for the mfg date and base the time from that when some have been on the shelf for yrs

best to save money and by heater from installing plumber ( licensed)there tanks are full warranty not prorated and start warranty at date of install.


I think you will find they go by the date on your receipt, unless of course you don't have one in which case they will look at the manufacture date.


If they BUILT it in December of 2015, it would have been a 2016 model. Model year is not the same as manufactured year (just like cars). Otherwise you could never buy a 2016 model in January of 2016 if they only started to build all the parts, assembly, etc in 2016.


Well stated.


The repair service said that it is a 2015 model based on the model number.

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