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Took a leaf blower in to get fixed told him it didn't start probably wasn't getting a spark first thing they did was ordered a carburetor for 80 bucks.

when I went back and found that out I told him again what I told him when I brought it and it wasn't getting a spark I was sure it was not the carburetor this time they ordered a power pack and the wiring $90 I said where does it stop don't you guys have any kind of diagnostic equipment put it back together and I'll take it and donate it for god sakes you can see if it's getting a spark by taking the plug wire off and letting it Ark on the rail oh my God

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Leaf Blower Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The Home Depots in the Atlanta, GA area "offers" repairs on small equipment. Things like Law and Garden equipment.

However I stay far away. The reviews of this service are awful. Mostly the problem lies with poor training and lack of real world experience on behalf of the Employees.

I blame Home Depot Corporate. They seem to think if they just offer the service, clean up a corner of the retail warehouse, hang a few signs advertising repair service and finding a few poor gullible employees to man the desk it will magically work.


since when does Home Depot do repairs on anything?

to Anonymous #1584142

for over 3 years now they have

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