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Purchased the life-proof carpet a couple weeks before labor day, carpet was then installed a week after labor day. One month after it was installed the family dog had an accident right on the middle of said life-proof carpet.

After following cleaning instructions found on the internet to a T, there is a giant, very visible stain. Guess life-proof carpet does not include things that happen in life. The warranty on the so called Life-Proof carpet does not cover pet damage as I am told, If I was told this before I bought it I would not have spent my money on it. Tried calling Home Depot to have issues resolved, and after being passed around to about 6 different employees it's two weeks from Christmas and an not anywhere closer to having a resolution to my problem.

Now I'm being told it will cost me somewhere north of $170 to have the carpet replaced per their 90 day guarantee.

As a costumer I feel very violated by the Home Depot sales team, costumer service team, and the company in general. Would not recommend any services from Home Depot to anyone.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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*** this store! Seriously they treat employees like dogs hit and the store manager jumps the pro desk associates. Don't shop at any regional Home Depot.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1201499

I was looking to get this carpet for my addition, too. Their adds show pets, mustard and coffee spilling, but when you read warranty exclusions, all three are listed there. WHAT IS COVERED UNDER THIS "lifeproof" WARRANTY?

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1340987

I'm so glad I read all these reviews before purchasing life proof carpet especially since it was significantly pricier than the regular.

Liberty Hill, Texas, United States #1134593

I am so glad I read this before walking in to Home Depot .Literally picking out a color . What bothers me the most is the lack of customer.

I guess it is to Lowes I go! Thank you again!


We're having the same problem... Had Lifeproof carpet installed two weeks ago, dog and kid got sick, stains won't come out and now told by Home Depot they are not under warranty.

Attempting to use the "satisfaction guarantee" but we are told that we can not use that if there are any stains on the carpet- and if we do get the stains out, they will honor it but we have to pay full price for a new installation and also pay for them to tear out the old carpet (total of about $500).

We understand paying for the installation but we had never paid for the tear out to begin with so are continuing to escalate.... Another unhappy Home Depot Lifeproof customer


Pet Urine is covered under the warranty.

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