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Cub Cadet riding mower: The welding on the bottom was never done completly ( cold weld ). I provided close up photos of the " bad welding "on the mower.

I hauled the mower 60 miles round trip to a dealer who sent photos to cadet office and Cub Cadet refused to honor warranty .......cub cadet said it was due to abuse by the owner . Never, Never buy Cub Cadet from Home Depot.

There is no recourse for the consumer to have any sitiuation dealing with there warranty to be satisified, they seem have the last word on all warranty service.Any one else having warranty service problems with CUB CADET ? Post it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Warranty.

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I purchased a cub new in 2018 8/17/2018 purchase date. Idler pulley warped and threw belt.

The repair shop took pic to send to cub cadet warranty division. The mower had dirt under the deck because after the pulley warped and the belt broke I could not wash out my deck before taking it for service. The cub cadet warranty repair shop said I used my mower like a bush hog since it had dirt under deck around rim. Said I must have hit steel in top of the deck even though there was no shinny spots on the pulley to indicate this.

Because the service company said it was abuse my warranty on my mower with only 8 hours on it was not honored.

I have owned 3 of these LTX 1050 in my life I will not own another. Mine was purchased from Tractor Supply Mobile Alabama


Stay away from their utv's.I have 8 miles on a 2015 challenger 700.A oil leak rear drive shaft exiting the motor.Just a simple oil seal.4 weeks waiting for the seal.This utv is made by hisun and sold under about 15 different names.And it takes cub cadet this long to get a $4.00 item.Do not fall for the vast cub cadet network of dealers and parts.There is 1 cub cadet dealer 40 miles from me,next one is 120 miles.My mistake for buying this piece of ***


Hi RayG,

We are really sorry to hear of the troubles you are experiencing with your Cub Cadet Mower. May I ask, when you made the original purchase? Also, let me know where you took it to have it serviced, and any other details that may help us out with resolution. I appreciate your partnership, and look forward to helping. I can be reached at

Thanks kindly,


HD Customer Care

Social Media Team


I have a 2007 1042 LT that was given to me with 7 hours on it back in 2008. One spindle was already locked up and I had to replace it.

Then pto switch went out at 8 hours, oil pressure light on at 9 hours, carb problems the entire time(backfires when shut off). Somehow I made it to 27 hours now and the pto clutch is bad. What a piece of junk!

I will never buy or recommend a Cub Cadet or as I have named it Cub CaCrap to anyone!


Purchased a Cub Cadet from Home Depot on 4/7/12. I live on 2+- acres and i cut approx 45 minutes and the engine started to make lifter noises.

I called H.D. and they are having a tech come check it out at the store. Im aprox 63 miles from that store. I delivered it to them and told them i want a refund and i dont like the mower for future reasons.

I mean who wants a brand new mower worked on. Once you crack that factory seal your asking for problems. They said they wont issue a refund without a c.c. Rep ok.

So now i sit without a mower. This is the biggest bunch of ***...

I just want my rufund so i can go buy a different mower elsware. Somewhere closer with a service center of there own.


cub cadet ltx 1040,i do not want to buy or see anyone buy one,the first summer drive belt went out,broke!!!,they try to say it was a stick,but anyways homedepopt took care of the bill,over 150 to put it on,and then i started hearing a louder nosies comeing from blades area,now the spindles are going bad,not under warrenty,there about 200. more to go out,i got the mower for the name of it,think ill go back to lows and get a pony,had one of them for a long time worked good.dont think i ever will buy a cub cadet again,and they act like its all your fault not theres.its amzeing what they can get away with.


HOMEDEPOT is totally responsible for NOT following up on all complaints about Cub Cadet. Shame on HOMEDEPOT.

It seems that all Homedepot is interested in is making money.

Wouldnt it be nicer for customers that bought CUBCADET products to be thanking them for making a good product and honoring there warranty? Why is not one person that would have the guts to have a vice-president from HOMEDEPOT, try to have a warranty honored by CUB CADET mand see for themselfs how terrible their system works since HOMEDEPOT sells this product.


Tinzley here from Home Depot's Customer Care Team. I'd like to see how we can assist with any product or service issues. Please send an email to Thank you.


Home Depot Customer Care

Atlanta, GA 30339


You are definitely NOT kidding. Cub Cadet no only will not honor their warranty, they make it almost impossible to reach them if you do need to.

I have had a horrible time even finding a phone number. I live remotely and the frame broke on my Cub which I paid in excess of $3,400. It is still under warranty. I tried to take it back to the store (Tractor Supply) who refused to deal with me.

So does Cub Cadet. They make poor products and do not back them even if there is a warranty. They try to blame the consumer EVERY TIME. I guess they manufacture FOO FOO machines because if you really use them, they tear up.

I am up for exposing their practices. Does anyone know any way we can get media attention?


Bought a 1554 in 2005. Had problems pretty much from the get go.

Few weeks after purchase it would only run on one cylinder. Called Lowes they put me onto a warranty repair shop 40 miles away. I had already diagnosed the problem. Bad ignition module and would not send it to me.

They took a over a week to pick it up and had it for another 3 weeks, returned and it still was not hitting on both cylinders. Called the shop that "fixed" it and asked why they send it back with the same problem? No problem I was told, hate that term we'll pick it up. No problem for them but a big problem for me and I told them as much.

No mower for over a month with over 6 acres to cut once a week. Needless to say my farm was looking pretty embarrassing. I told them to take their attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine. Ordered the part from my local hardware and farm supply (who are a Cub dealer and repair but Lowes said I was not allowed to bring it to them for warranty work) had the part ($35) in a couple of days, 15 minutes and I was back in business!

I had many issues with the machine long before the warranty expired. Having a shop and being a descent mechanic, one better be when they own a farm, all of the repairs have been done in house. If I were not able to repair it my self I would have spent a ton of money on repairs not to mention months of down time. This mower is poorly designed and built.

To change the main drive belt you have to lift off the engine for example! It is basically a toy with a big engine. If you are not mechanically inclined DO NOT BUY A CUB CADET FROM A BIG BOX STORE! As I found out later they are made cheaply to suite the stores price model.

ONLY BUY FROM A DEALER THAT HAS A SHOP IN THE BACK AND DOES THE WARRANTY WORK THEMSELVES. Like I should have done. Saved a few hundred $$ but thousands of $$ worth of hassle. Now the transmission has gone bad!

Cub Cadet shot themselves in the foot catering to the Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply's of the world. I will never buy another Cub Cadet product.

I go out of my way via the internet or personally to advise people the same. Yes, I did contact Cub direct and they gave me a bunch of lip service.

james n

yep, seems like the cub slt 1554 is a problem machine. I bought mine in 2006 from Home depot..reason..price.

first few hours..clutch stopped...first year..starter went out..since that only belts and one shaft/spindle. The deck was cutting uneven..followed adjustment good..finally just totally leveled the deck (no pitch) and it is better.

lots of money for something with these problems. But, didn't want to pay 10K for a Kubota


I didn't buy mine from Home Depot, but from a locally owned dealer. I have a Cub Cadet SLT1554 bought in May of 08', basically it's been back to the dealer at least once a year since I've had it.

Including within the first 2hrs!!! I thought I was buying a quality USA built tractor from a well known Dealer and company that have both been around for years. This tractor is the biggest piece of *** I am currently borrowing my neighbors 25 yr old John Deer to cut my grass.

I am completely embarrassed by this product and will never buy another C.C. as far as I'm concerned with all the complaints I've seen this company needs to go under...


Good point by Joseph,model #s are different at name brand name dealers and those tractors are not for sale at homedepot or lowes,all you have to do is watch what you buy,you always get what you pay for


Joseph from Athens, GA,

So you think you have it all figured out apparently...let me clear this up for you and everyone reading.

Cub Cadet was acquired by MTD Products Inc. in 1982! (wow, the cat's out of the bag) Cub Cadet is a brand of MTD Products just like Mercury is a brand of Ford.

There is no separate Cub Cadet Company.

The GT 1554, LTX 1045, etc. is the EXACT same machine regardless of where it is sold. If someone says different, they are either lying or extremely ignorant!

The difference between the box store and the Independent Dealer is that you don't have to get your information from Joseph!

Most of the tractors are built in Martin Tennessee (where they build Cubs, Troy Bilt, White Outdoor, etc.)

Comparing a Cub 1500 series tractor from Home Depot to a 2500 series with shaft drive is like comparing a Ford Ranger to a Ford F-150...apples to oranges.

Model numbers being the same, the equipment is all the same across the board.

I am not picking on Joseph, but find it ridiculous to see posts that are so arrogant and *** yet wrong. Please do everyone a favor and get the facts before "informing the world of inaccurate info".

Tip: if you want to know about Cub Cadet tractors or MTD Products, call.


I used to work at the MTD plant that builds the cub cadet lawn tractors. I see a lot of negative comments on here.

Has anyone ever thought that in a perspective the problems really revolve around the companies that manufacture the parts for MTD. For example the engines most jave Kohler engines. The twin cylinder engines are a piece of *** but the single cylinders are okay. But some have Briggs and some have Kawasaki engines.

But Cub Cadet is the same as a Troy built, white there's multiple mowers built by MTD that are the same they just have different names on them. Even today a craftsman brand is the same as a cub cadet.


Shouldn't MTD be making the Cub Cadets to a set of standard specifications so servicing and after market parts are easier to get?

Sounds like Cub Cadet/MTD needs to update their list of authorized repair shops and inform Home Depot. And from a customer service stand point you would figure Home Depot would have an up to date liks of authorized repair shops.


I usually will not get involved on these complaint forums but I feel as an employee of Home Depot my first obligation is to the customer not to line my pocket with green!!

I purchased a Cub 1554 54" Mower the biggest model they had in 2008. I wished I never did! Not because its a cub cadet but because its NOT a CUB Cadet!

I work for home depot at the time and did not do all my homework before I purchased my mower! After I was also sent off a CUB Dealers repair centers property by the police because I wouldn’t leave with my mower until he FIXED the parts of my mower he took off then waited 3 weeks to tell me I had bent blades and wouldn’t be covered under warranty! Of course I was pissed for having the police called so I contacted the CUB Contact number in my owner’s manual I spoke with a person that said he was over the dealer areas of Cub. He actually told me that he knew this dealer and I should have took my stuff and left. He asked me what I wanted him to do about what happened and I told him that he should at least check into it and find out why he would be treating customers this way. The MGR. told me he would look into but for me not to expect much. The dealers are independent dealers and they are not regulated by cub so they have the right to do whatever they see fit!

So after this I started doing some digging because I noticed the cubs at this dealers store did not cost much more than mine but there’s looked so much better and better build plus before all this happened the shop mechanic took me through all the reasons why my cub was junk compared to a real cub?? Real Cub what would that mean I wonder??? I was always told that the Cubs we sell are residential and the Cubs the Dealers sale are Commercial... O that couldn’t be farther from the truth! This is what I found out, A commercial cub the ones with drive shafts and what not are build directly by CUB Cadet ( a real cub ) The Cub that Home Depot, Tractor Supply and used to be Lowe's are MTD's! MTD is a company that purchased the right to build a mower and place CUB CADET, YARD Machine and O yes John Deer on their products! And here is why our cubs, john deer’s, and other are falling apart! This is why you will catch a lot of *** from a dealer if you try to take your tractor to them for repair!

If you are thinking of buying what you are told is a residential mower, make sure you cant afford one from a dealer that deals in commercial first!

Good luck to everyone with your Cub Cadets....OOPS I mean MTD's

Hope this will shine a little light on these problems.


Follow up 10-2009: Home Depot's rep, MICHAEL tried his hardest to help me with my problem. In all honesty MICHAEL convinced me to take my mower to a so called authorized repair service for CUB CADET in Sugarloaf ,Pa against my better judgement since this business practices are questional at best.

Michael did contact CADET who authorized a new mower bed to be installed on my mower.However, it took CADET more than 30 days to ship the bed and have it installed. When I go to pick up my mower the owner would not release it to me since the plastic guard was not installed and the owner said it was a liability to release it to me. After me waiting over a month for this replacement I was so frustrated since I told the owner that HE FAILED in service on my mower. At this point the owner called the POLICE and he tried to stop me from taking my mower off his property.

FACT: the mower just about started, the owner drilled the bed and put in bolts and nuts to hold the spindel that should have been replaced and was not. I called CADET rep:explained what happened and was aggarently told that I could take my mower to another shop and I would have to pay for additional repair.



Cub Cadets are garbage. They sell good as your get something for about 2/3 of there competitors.

My lasted 9 hours and warranty fights go on. Next time I will open my wallet and flush the cash down the drain. It is like the engineers designed it with good intentions but there was no field trials. Bolts fall of, weld crack and warranty is the worst as they don't stand behind it and I can not get the corperate office to reply to me concerns.

Sorry but this purchase really upset me. :(


It seems as though I was wrong in my previous post. The reason that Lowes stopped carrying Cub Cadet was due to an agreement that we had with John Deere.

I am told that this agreement will expire at the end of 2009 and that we are currently trying our best to get Cub Cadet back into our lineup for 2010. Looking back through some sales figures Cub Cadets were the best selling riders that we've ever carried and had the fewest number of returns.

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