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I bought carpet early last week and vinyl floor last Friday. I was told i would get a call about installation Monday. I did not and called about it They said my phone # wrong on order, despite my telling them that last week. So Tuesday the carpet install called and set up a day. Today I called HD and got run around again by 4 people at HD. Gave me a number for the install but ti was carpet installers. They gave me correct number for Vinyl but...
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They have been doing carpet installation last 2 and half month but still not completed.. I lost hope on them. Installers came 3 times, but full material not delivered. They agreed they have system problem. I don’t know how to proceed with them. They installed 70% with carpet and rest 30 % vinyl is still due. Not able to finish. Can anyone suggest me how to handle with them. They are testing my patience. Can I cancel now and get my money back?...
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VERY PISSED!!!!!! I waited with anticipation for this day to come, all excited that the carpet was going to be installed today. I Asked if they would put cork tile down first and they said no problem in the initial measurement that cost me thirty dollars. Come installation day they came in to inspect the area where the carpet was going and said they can not lay down the cork because it would ruin the warranty. I will have to lay down the cork...
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Had carpet installed , it fell apart within in a few weeks. You could see every seam. Also the installer was rude , he damaged my furniture left holes in my walls as well as glue all over place. Used roofing nails on the transition strip. HORRIBLE customer service was so bad and they where so rude. The thing that was even worse they left staples hanging out of the carpet everywhere. Been fighting with home depot for almost a year now for a...
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Some one needs to know how I was treated. Please read my review. I have never been treated so badly after spending so much money, in my life. You may even want to google the reviews others have left on the internet in regards to the service they have received. I wish I had done so before I made the mistake of using Home Depot. Installers were at my home till 10:40 PM. I had issues with some of the installation, carpet not to the wall on the...
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