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I was shopping at Home Depot in Marble Falls and a lady came up and asked me if I had ever thought of upgrading my kitchen. Before I knew it she had signed me up for a salesperson to come to my home and measure and give me a price on kitchen cabinet refacing.

So, this guy shows up and gives me an earfull of sales pitch for almost 2 hrs before I get the price. And what a price it was! He said that I have what he called "30ft of cabinets" and that the refacing plus the optional special dovetail? drawer boxes with the full extention drawer slides and the cherry shaker door style I picked would be nearly $13,000!!!

For replacing doors and drawer fronts and putting thin wood venir on the front of the cabinet frames!?! I did not know whether to laugh or cry! Then the salesman told me I didn't really have to have the better drawers and drawer slides and I could save almost $1,000. That was not much of a dent off of $12,900. Then the salesman lets me know that Home Depot had a sale on that would get me $1250 off on the deal. Nice, but still really, REALLY pricey! So then, he comes out with this "buy it RIGHT NOW and get ANOTHER 10% off!" By now, I am thinking that they just keep on giving discounts until you say OK. But I needed more information before spending around $10,000. After he pressed my to "buy it RIGHT NOW!" several times I finally got him out of the house.

This made me wonder what just replacing the whole cabinet set would cost. Back at the Home Depot store, I found out some pretty amazing and a little depressing things. First, if I replaced all my cabinets, I would have to replace my counter top which I had not planned to do. But here is the really WEIRD part. Replacing the cabinets with the same basic cherry door style in CraftMade cabinets, tearing out my old stuff, and installing the new stuff PLUS a new granite countertop (they have some "el cheapo" granite for $29/ft installed, but I liked one of the colors)after the in-store discounts WAS CHEAPER THAN THE REFACING PRICE!!! CHEAPER??? I about died right there! Not only that, but the NEW cabinets came with the dovetail drawer boxes and full extention glides PLUS cabinet door buffer thingys and the special cabinet for the sink was FREE! Plus the new cabinets have a LIFETIME WARRANTY and the refacing ones only a one year warranty!

I guess thats why one of the people I met at the store told me they dont put a "per foot price" on the doors on the refacing display because if the customers ever saw the actual pricing they would NEVER even have the guy over to the house! Neither would I!

Oh, one more thing. The refacing guy wanted to charge me over $300 for the installers trip expenses from San Antonio and another $350 for "Administrative" costs! The new cabinet deal had none of this ripoff extra charges.

I guess the bottom line is Home Depot cabinet refacing is OUTRAGEOULY high compared to just getting new cabinets and a new countertop. No wonder the guy kept on pressing me to "buy it now, buy it NOW, BUY IT NOW!"

Shame on them!

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As a former installer and now owner of a refacing business, I can say that they are definitely over priced. The reason though is they pay for alot of more than smaller companies.

They have to pay for marketing, warehouse, utilites, corperate territory managers, sales manager, salesman, measure techs, installtion coperate manager, installation manager, warehouse employee, administrative assistant, service techs and most imortant in my opinion, the installer. Now that all those people have been paid, you have to buy the actual materials. Home depot uses elias woodwork for their real wood products and a canadian based company for their laminate/vynl product. Both are above average quality products.

Obviously Home depot is a for profit company. Like all large companies offering refacing with similar business structures, you have to charge alot to pay for all that and make a profit. People who compare buying cabinets for less than refacing dont compare apples to apples. I have refaced several craftmaid kitchens.

The majority of them are pretty cheap. Particle board boxes with cheap wood faceframes with even cheaper top coat. There is a reason they are so cheap. If you buy custom doors and components from a quality company like elias, ecpect to pay a premium.

Refacing matetials from a company like that range between 3,000-15,000 easy depending on the wood species, wood grade, color, glaze, door style, drawer style, type of trim and other accesories and of course size of kitchen. Your putting high quality wood matetials with a high quality finish on old cabinets. Your not getting the same budget grade wood or topcoat like you get with most cabinets. I dont use elias but have used them and obviously installed alot of their product.

I use a different high quality company and simply add in my time and effort into the sales and design process. I also charge a premium for my installtion but know the difference between high end refacing and typical installers work. I was commonky used to service or occasionally re install others work. The method and details of installtion makes a big differnce with the look and longevity of when you can expect the materials to hold.

With that said, my company is typically 2-6 thousand cheaper depending on materials choosen and door style, size of kitchen and add ons. Home depot definitely over charges for upgrades. I offer dovetail drawers, soft close hinges and soft close drawer slides as standard options.

Shop around for refacing, read reviews but definitley dont compare budget grade cabinets to custom made high quality refacing materials. Thats not apples to apples.


I did both on two different houses. Reading the posts there is a HUGE gray area revolving the who bought new cabinets as the total project price has never been a consideration.

By that I mean total costs on all product, services, and cost of expenses while the kitchen was not in usable form. Refacing seems to be pricey but in reality it's often categorized with painting or refinishing cabinets when it shouldn't. Refacing involves updating and often improving existing cabinets while adding value to your home investment. Painting and refinishing doesn't add value to your home as it's nothing more than putting a silk hat on a pig.

Remodeler's magazine does an annual report regarding cost vs value. The minor remodel averages at $20k or higher while the major remodel averages $60k or higher. If you are comparing everything to Kraftmaid...it's a mid-market brand that is over-marketed.

If it was a car brand it would be a Ford...not a Lincoln...not a Mercedes...not a Ferrari...just a Ford. Then again our society is conditioned to spend $40k on a vehicle that depreciates immediately and we use 30-60 minutes a day versus using some of that money towards something that will add value to your home that we spend hours on end in on a daily basis.

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I work for Home Depot Interiors, thought I'd chime in here since most of the comments are people whom have only heard the sales pitch but few actual buyers.

So, nationally, HDI completes roughly 20k kitchen refacing projects each year.

In the city where I work, we have 98% approval rating. Now, it's important to understand, HDI is a premium service and we offer a much more hands-on experience than you'll get in-store. Sure, experiences vary from customer to customer in terms of a *** salesman or outrageous pricing but, overall, our buyers are thrilled with the work we do. Are we expensive?

Yes. Are there cheaper alternatives out there? Yes.

The value, however, is wrapped up in a few key areas:

1. We will, literally, sit down and design every element of your kitchen with you in your home for free.

We will hold your hand through the entire process, if you wish. It's not cheap to send people out to appointments where we know that roughly 80% won't purchase.

2. The products we offer are genuinely good quality and our guys do phenomenal work.

I've worked in the construction/remodeling industry for almost 15 years and, at least in the city where I work, our work is clean and our employees are respectful and professional.

3. If you are a DIY guy/gal - HDI is not designed for you. We know you can do it cheaper.

That's ALWAYS the case with DIY - it's kind of the point. The reason you hire a pro is because you either can't or don't have time to do the work. 4. It's not just a "band-aid fix" for your kitchen.

The refacing process is a proper restoration where repairs are done and the cabinets are put back into 100% perfectly working order again. Why tear out something that doesn't need to be torn out? 5. You either can't or won't tear out your entire kitchen to do a remodel.

The main value of refacing is that it can be done in 3-5 days by fully background checked, drug screened, licensed and bonded craftsmen. You won't have to deal with a surly contractor or a fishy contractor who will complete the job in twice the time he told you and then you never see him again. Again, done in 3-5 days without having to tear up your floors, walls, run new plumbing or electrical and all the other headaches and extra expenses that come with a contractor. Moreover, getting things right is expensive.

Even a 1 year warranty can be a pricey expenditure for a company if one of their employees screws something up. We do have humans working for us, after all. All of our pricing is up front and, literally, NO HAGGLE. This is not a used car dealership.

We may include extras that you don't really need (soft closing hinges, dovetail drawer boxes, etc.) but this is to give us an opportunity to eventually lower the price for you if it's too high. We need some leverage to make that price go down. We don't inflate our prices in the hopes of getting you to purchase above its value and then pocketing the rest. If we overcharge during the bid, you get a refund.

No question. Anyway, I'm more than happy to respond if anyone has questions. Too much misinformation here from customers who, unwittingly, attempted to obtain a premium service for a bargain basement price. Again, DIYers, this is not for you.

Couples buying their first home on a shoestring budget, this is not for you. Older couple retired on the golf course who wants a reliable contractor from a brand they trust where they don't have to lift a finger?

That's our customer. Hope this helps!

to Anonymous #1405319

"Sure, experiences vary from customer to customer in terms of a *** salesman or outrageous pricing but..."

Really? How can the experiences of HD customers vary in terms of the quality of sales people or in "outrageous pricing" if they are all following the same process and pricing?

I was an in-store designer until recently when I was terminated for my failure to set "leads" for these in-home bozos to ply their trade on unsuspecting homeowners. I lost count of how many people for whom I designed a kitchen and from whom I'd heard the tale of their experience with the in-home pitch. Every new kitchen I sold to one of these customers cost them a LOT less than what they'd been quoted for a reface. Having also sold the materials through 'Facelifters' to more than a few DIY customers, the difference in price between materials and the proposed reface contracts was - no exaggeration here - VAST!

You say your customer is the old couple retired on the golf course, but the store associates are required to hawk leads to every customer they encounter.

At the same time, the "average lead value" is scrutinized by management as well and store associates are held to account for that metric. If store associates relied only on their ability to spot that old retiree who lives on the golf course, nobody would last six months at the store level.

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We got a price pf $20,000 to have our cabinets refaced. When we told them it was too much they came up with a price of $15, 000 but the cabinets would be just flat panels which were horrible so we opted out.

We went to homeadvisor.com and found someone who gave us a price of $9995 for high quality items. We got Quaker style door which were self closing, self closing drawers, two custom built cabinets and a custom built island. Our kitchen is beautiful, the contractor was very professional, clean and a true craftsman.

Stay away from Lowe's or Home Depot. The will rob you blind.

to Anonymous #1411510

Thanks for your feedback. I just had HD out and they quoted $23k to have our cabinets refaced. I'll be on the lookout for someone off of Homeadvisor.com

San Marcos, Texas, United States #1204186

You just saved me one phone call to schedule an estimate, a 2 hour aggressive sales pitch and thousands of dollars if I fell for the line of bull. Thanks!

I too want to avoid having to replace my beautiful quartz counter top. From what I hear, new cabinets can be installed IF you as the homeowner remove the counter top prior to the work and re-install it after the new cabinets are in. Too much liability in possibly breaking the quartz.

I'm not equipped to do that uninstall/reinstall myself and the cost to have it done is probably - you guessed it --- the cost of a new counter top. They got us coming and going it would seem.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1198500

My experience with the HD resufacing sales job was nearly identical but it was a woman sales scammer and a two hour sales job and a quickie, back of the envelope $27,000 pricetag ($26,000 if I bought it today.) This is for a small galley style kitchen in our winter (mobile home) in FL. just for contact veneer resurfacing, standard RTF door and drawer fronts (no drawer boxes) and composite counter tops.

I found out though it was an independent sales contractor selling for another contractor that actually did the work, based in another state.

And even though the were not Home Depot employees, it's turned me off shopping at HD alltogether.

Needless to say I found much better options at a fraction of the price elsewhere.


A nine step system and it is designed to make you say yes!

Lancaster, California, United States #1143863

I was a salesman and if you buy a kitchen cancel it! You are paying 10% to us and it is all subcontracted! Hire a different company tell them to go pound sand!


I worked for that refacing company that Home Depot fronts for. The pitch is its Home depot and they stand behind this process and so on.

Its a giant ripoff!!!

On top of it all when a salesman does get a sale they nickel and dime the commissions. Horrible company and surprised Home Depot continues to operate with them.

Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #1133360

They just quoted me nearly 15,000 bucks to refacing 34 ft of cabinets and new formic counter tops. I just about laughed in his face. That was after a $500 home show discount and 15% March sale discount.


Agreed. We had similar experience.

HD quoted $32k to reface and install a couple additional cabinets. We then had a cabinet maker come out (5star rating) quoted $8k less for all new cabinets.

No refacing. I wish I could use HD cause I really like the rep but money is money other quote is all new materials instead of using our own


OMG! Our experience has been and is still a nightmare.

Nothing the salesman told us was true. The cost was a whooping $14,000. They installed shelves that fell the same day they were installed breaking our sink and all my grandmothers heirloom plates and china. I received multiple cuts cleaning up the mess, none of the shelves were attached to anything and brackets weren't in studs.

All the cabinet doors were different heights, not in line with one another and there is no access the the cabinets because finger pulls are on top, not on sides. To make matters worse this whole ordeal was suppose to be finished before Christmas and didn't even start until late January and is still going on. The counter tops are installed and are cut so incorrect there is so much caulk between the counter top and the wall that it has collapsed and left a ditch between my wall and counter. To make matters worse, the custom cabinet was cut wrong, the drawer was cut wrong and the doors.

I have so many issues with this job that I won't even complain about being forced to accept cabinet doors I did not order, sometimes we pick our battles. I wish I had never thought dealing with Home Depot would be better than having the work done by someone who gave a *** about the quality or price of the finished product, which I have doubts will ever be finished.

Seriously contemplating letting the court system get us some type of satisfaction.


I had the same story IN Poughkeepsie, NY. Guy came in and said that total refacing of 24 doors and 14 drawer will cost me around $15000.

And 3-4 people will do this for 2 days.

I kicked him out of the house together with his discounts, ordered online new doors and fronts for drawers and install everything on my own for the same 2 days. Total cost was about $2700.


I can top that! We just got our first bid and from guess who?!

Good old Home Depot. On the first visit the guy walked through asking what we wanted out of a kitchen etc for about 2 hours. He then said he would come back with a drawing and ideas/price on the next visit. After telling me we have a "JUMBO" kitchen (my kitchen is probably 12 x13) that we would be looking at over 100k to completely replace cabinets.

He then said "BUT by refacing we could save you thousands" I thought to myself he better mean tens of thousands! His price was $42,400 to only reface our cabinets. That was no new counter, backsplash, or flooring. I literally laughed out loud and said we would have over 60k into our kitchen by the time we bought appliances, counter etc and it wouldn't even be a new kitchen!!

I don't know what they are thinking over there but you would have to be crazy to agree to their pricing when local cabinet professionals can do it for 5-10k. DISAPPOINTED in Home Depot.


FYI I refaced a complete kitchen in Cambridge, MA in 2010 for under 5K, using a private company specializing in cabinet refacing.

to Anonymous #1108681

who are they??/ Please email me



I just had the same experience with the Home Depot Cabinet refacing sales representative. He talked for two hours before giving me the price.

He said it would be $10,000 - $15,000 for a 10' x 13' kitchen. He didn't want to leave without having me sign up.

I want to check around. Thank you for posting your experience.

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