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On August 31, 2019, I purchased a refrigerator from Home Depot. It was delivered Sept.

12, 2019. However during the delivery, they broke my front door in multiple ways. The storm door frame was broken off the house with damage to the door jam. They did something to the main door as well as it does not close all the way.

They also damaged the refrigerator.

I notified Home Depot the next day via the number they supplied to me on the email about the delivery. That number said they would replace the refrigerator but I was instructed to call my local Home Depot store about the damage. I did so the next day. The manager took my information and told me someone would be getting back to me soon.

A week later I got a call from an adjuster who took some information and said he would get back to me.

He called a gain a few days later. He seemed to verbally dance around a bit trying to avoid doing anything and said he would contact me again.

On Sept 27 -- two weeks after damaging my house -- I received an email saying they had passed it to another company. In that email the person revealed he was not actually with Home Depot but some company called Sedgwick, which I later learned is Home Depot's insurance company.

That other company never got in touch with me. On Oct 14, 2019, a month after the damage to my home, I emailed that person back saying no one had gotten back to me and I needed my door fixed.

I copied whatever emails at Home Depot I could find.

Two days later I got an email from someone at Home Depot Customer Care "Expedited Services" apologizing and saying they would take care of it right away.

I was given a list of information I needed to provide, which I provided immediately.

Today, Oct 18, 2019, Home Depot wrote back and said that "because you have a claim open with Sedgwick I'm unable to assist you any further. Please reach out to Sedgwick for the next steps for resolution."

I explained that I filed a claim with Home Depot and Home Depot may have passed it to their insurance company, but I solely did business with Home Depot so it is they who are responsible for my door.

However Home Depot is refusing to take responsibility for it and do anything.

Meanwhile it has been more than five weeks and I still have a front door that won't close properly and a storm door hanging off the hinges!

Home Depot, however, just wants to pass the buck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: I want a working front door and storm door. Plus now that it has been well over a month, I want compensation for the inconvenience and time I have suffered without a working front door..

  • horrible delivery service
  • poor accountabilty
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Why not file a complaint with your state AG or consumer affairs department?? That has always worked for me.

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