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I am over 60 and in the high risk group for Covid. I am working on a remodel of my house and so placed a large order for delivery to avoid going into the store.

The delivery was 10/3/20.

I was unhappy that I had to pay extra to get a delivery window other than 8 am to 9 pm. I needed to load the materials into my garage, so wanted time to do so.

I was told that I would be contacted by phone 30 minutes in advance. That did not happen. The delivery driver showed up with no mask, and had to hand me the device for signature, he was about as friendly as a turnip.

I noticed at the time of delivery that one of the 5' sections of ductwork that I ordered was missing.

I cut the shrink wrap open to make sure it was not nested inside the other piece, which it was not.

The delivery driver then said there is nothing I can do for you. I said I would not sign for a complete order. He said he would contact Home Depot and that I would be getting a call, he made a show of doing so, but I did not receive a call.

When I opened the delivery I found that they had placed the pieces of vinyl and PVC brick mold at the outside corners of the load before banding, the banding damaged 3 of the pieces beyond repair. They placed the finished side of the drywall facing down so the forklifts damaged that.

One of the 4 x 8 pieces of cement board was damaged so badly it was like picking up a piece of rubber. Not only was it cracked throughout the edges were also chewed up. This was in the middle of the stack so it was shipped that way.

So I had to try to find the right number to call home depot. After getting through the automated system I finally reached a human.

She was very nice and cooperative, I told her that I wanted replacements for the missing and damaged parts and for them to pick up the damaged parts. She said she would have to contact the store manager in Everett where the load came from ( I had ordered it from the North Seattle Store). After waiting on hold for some time, she came back on the line and said that the soonest they could pick up and deliver was two weeks out. I explained that was unacceptable, I needed the parts this weekend.

She went back on the phone with the manager and said that was the best he could do. I explained then that I wanted a refund for the delivery fee, and for the broken and damaged parts, and that I would go to another store to get what I need. She said she could not do that, she would have to connect me to the manager. The manager said that he would refund my money only after they picked up the damaged parts in two weeks.

No apologies for the total lack of customer service. I asked for the time of day that they would arrive, he said we cant tell you. You can call in the day before to get an idea of their schedule. I asked for his name in case I did not get the full credit, at first all he offered was Craig.

I asked for his last name, which he gave me, it is Corliff. If I screwed up a delivery, I would make it a priority to resolve it quickly. I would grab a home depot pickup and do it myself or get someone to do so even if I had to pay OT to keep a customer happy.

He offered nothing, nada, not even an apology.

I will not use home depot for any online orders in the future. I will try lowes next time and will buy the things that were screwed up on my order from Lowes.

An ex loyal customer,

User's recommendation: I would not have anything delivered from Home depot, especially not the Everett Wa location, I would not buy from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Home Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: I would like an apology first of all from the manager, and I would like prompt action and some compensation for my time. .

Home Depot Cons: Screwed up the order, No apologies no fast remedies.

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That is not home depot's problem. Joshua Guttlebam(Home Depot Employee, Norfolk, VA)


I know about Home Depot problems. When my wife went shopping for crawlspaces a day or so ago at the Home Depot on Military Hwy in Norfolk VA, she said that went she was asking questions about crawlspace vents, the store rep named Joshua Guttlebam kept using a lot of profanity.

She was offended by his behavior and wants a manager to do something about it immediately. She said that he is the worst store clerk that she met and she said that he is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Home Depot.


Since you wish it to be picked up by the delivery then you just have to wait until they can do it. Which is two weeks away.

What part of the world doesn’t revolve around you are you missing. You won’t be getting anything for your time or waiting. You COULD however take the damaged pieces back to the store it was pulled from and get your items faster but you chose to live in fear. Put a mask on and social distance and you should be fine.

Otherwise you will just have to deal. All the threats in the world, nor your opinions on how they should handle the situation mean anything at all. They are trying to help you as best as they are allowed but that’s just not good enough for you. YOU WILLINGLY CHOSE to have the items delivered.

That’s all on you. So you have to deal with the situation with the variables presented. You haven’t been ripped off nor have you been disrespected. Business one zero one.

No refund WITHOUT PROOF!! How do they KNOW for a 100% certainty that the items were delivered damaged. For all they know you’re trying to pull a fast one. Typical when someone screws something up on a job.

Blame the delivery and get free merchandise. So they don’t JUST issue a refund.

They have to prove it was the delivery and they have to ensure any refund they give is for the exact items. All of this could have been avoided had you simply put a mask on and went into the store.

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