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I bought 2 gallons of Behr deck stain online since the online price was several dollars cheaper than the in-store price. The $10/gallon rebate form said that online orders had to be mailed in, which I did over a month before the deadline, along with the UPC codes and online receipt.

Waited the 6-8 weeks and heard nothing, so checked online. No record of it. Online chatted with HD rep and he said I should have submitted in online and he could not do anything for me even though I had a scanned file of my paperwork and UPC codes. I can't remember any of my other mail ever getting lost, but this is the second time a HD rebate has apparently gotten lost in the mail.

Looks like I go to Lowe's from here on. Clearly customer satisfaction is not a priority at Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Paint Rebate, as promised at purchase..

Home Depot Pros: Online ordering option with local store pickup.

Home Depot Cons: Did not honor my rebate when i had documentation.

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I did a rebate online for mine as well. I called the number online and was told it was sent to the email I provided.

I checked and nothing.

I’ve tried to call them back and the system now apparently recognizes your phone number so it won’t let me talk to a representative again. This is fraud!!!


Never received min either. Also now a Lowe's and Menard patron!!! Home Depot already had me disgruntled when they took the 5% loyalty discount away...which by the way LOWES still has.


I bought 3 gallons still havnt got my rebate


I sent all my paperwork for my rebate to Behr in july, haven't heard a thing. Should it take this long for a $30 rebate?


I purchased 4 gallon paint and as soon as I got home I sent all the required information for the $10 per gallon rebate. When I checked the tracking I was told that everything was in order and that my rebate would be processed in a timely manner.

That was during the 4th of July week and I still haven't received anything.

A few years ago I did an online rebate with Home Depot and although it did take an unusually long time to receive it, I did get it eventually. Hopefully the check is on the way.


I sent all my paperwork for my rebate to Behr in july, haven't heard a thing. Should it take this long for a $30 rebate?


Got my rebate .....but did not use $20 Mastercars quickly enough and found out they charge a service fee every month...................SCAM


I have shopped the Home Depot paint sales for years and surprisingly never had a problem receiving my rebate card until this year. I was told the Behr paint I purchased did not qualify for the rebate.

Would have been nice if the guy behind the paint counter had mentioned that when he handed me the rebate form. Instead I’ve been wondering for months what had happened. Some of you that never received your rebate may also not have purchased qualifying paint.

Home Depot doesn’t let you no this they just don’t send you a rebate card. I even submitted my rebate form online, they could have let me no then!


Initially I was declined after submitting everything properly and having bought the product the rebate was offered on. The 2 items that did not qualify were being advertised by Home depot as qualifying so I just returned those but after countless hours and online chats I was able to get them to verify that the rebate would be valid for me and they would send it.

After well over the expected wait I had to try to track down a LIVE person to find out the status of it. Well, they sent it to the wrong address!!!

Now they are telling me they are reissuing and 7-10 days, we will see. REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!


Spend it quickly.....they have service fee every month


I purchased a total of 5 gals. of paint, submitted on line ,but didn't copy the tracking #s as I believed I could copy all 5 @ the end.

No such luck. Today I received $10 rebate. Yes its a scam!

Is there a phone # to speak to someone? No.


they're scoundrels


Same thing happened to me, they said they send the rebate by July 2018, here it is MAy 2019, one full year later. Still no rebate


Funny the same thing happened to me last year 2018 only I never received the $10 for the gallon of stain as offered by Home Depot. I'm sure I'll never see it also.

Glad I read you comment as I was left wondering. They offer a rebate only never to deliver.


rebate fraud!!!!


yep a real rip off I waited 3.5 months to get the rebate.Type your message here


Today is October 24th 2018. I also purchased a few gallons of paint this year.

I filled out the online form. I never received the rebate. I found the form that I got in the store. I actually called last months and was told the rebate was mailed on Aug 8th.

I never received it. It was reissued again on Sept 26th 2018 when I called in September 2018. I still didn't receive the rebate, so I called again today. They are reissuing the rebate card again.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. She was worthless and told me to contact my Post Office about whether they are holding my mail. I told her, my mail isn't being held and they need to investigate this as they are the shipper. I asked to speak to her supervisor and am on hold.

I'll probably be buried before I get this rebate. This is the biggest scam. If you wonder why... last year...

I did a home depot rebate, forgot about it and never received it. Well, I did speak to a manager, Wendell Operator ID #6793 who told me that he will call me next week to verify that I received my rebate card. If not, he would send a check. I didn't know how I would receive the check if I didn't receive a rebate card.

Well, I will update... with another post. There is a problem with Home Depot Rebates because when I purchased a Pentair Product a few months ago, I received the rebate within 6 weeks and I already spent the money. BTW, calling home depot doesn't help.

Here is the phone number in case you want to contact the company that handles Home Depot Rebates.

1-866-451-1357 Good Luck. Winning the lottery probably has better odds.


Well, I didn't get the rebate. After spending 50 minutes on the phone, I spoke to Pedro, Wendel's supervisor.

#3864 Pedro told me it would be overnighted and would call me back with a tracking number by tomorrow. I advised him I would be disputing the credit card charge on Friday morning. Pedro advised me he is Wendel's supervisor. I asked why should I think you will follow through any differently than Wendel did.

Pedro said "I am Pedro and I always call back." I still think my odds are better with the lottery. Oh... and before I spoke to Pedro... I spoke with Lorenzo (card services #0726), Leah (card services #4320 and Martha (Rebate #688) There should be a class action lawsuit against Home Depot and this fraud of a rebate program.

Remember Home Depot is counting on you forgetting to fill out the rebate for or filling out the form online. And if you do remember to fill out the rebate, Home Depot is counting on your forgetting about receiving the rebate months later.

Even if you don't receive it, who the heck has the time to spend almost 3 hours for $40. I will update.


Type your message here


I have been waiting for my rebate for two months, couple days ago I called in and I was told that the card is in the mail. I guess the PONY express is running slow.

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