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In Oct. of 03 I bought a Ridgid tools set because of the lifetime warranty which includes batteries.

My paper work says bring the receipt to a service center and they will be replaced. There is No center near me any longer, so I was told to go to a store. First thing the person I spoke to says is did you register the set. I said no the paper work did not say that, after reading what I had he said to bring in the defective batteries.

He placed a call to the warranty Co. When he returned I was told that since the batteries had been replaced and I had no paper work showing that, No warranty! My response was that I was not given any paperwork detailing that. I had the receipt which on it was hand written that they were exchanged for new In July Of 08.

After a very unpleasant conversation with the warranty co. myself I am at a loss. Since the service center did not give a paper trail. Don't they think that since I still have the receipt from 03 that if given some paperwork I would also retain that?

Really makes me think that since they the tool manufacturer will not make good on the warranty that Home Depot as The only retail store would do something about this.

Guess I will not be making any purchases from them

anytime in the future. Back to sears at least I know for what ever time period the warranty is good for it will be honored.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $379.

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as old as this post is I can comment on it though i doubt anyone will noticefirstthe "lifetime warranty" you are talking about is from RIDGID not HOME DEPOTsecondit's a LIFETIME SERVICE AGREEMENT not lifetime warranty.thirdit DOES state you need to register both on the package and within the manual'swarranty sectionI am not sure how you missed either or both but they are there I can promiseyou for the exchange part. if someone did that they were doing so to take careof you but they are NOT supposed to because if you had registered for the LSAthey would have verified this.

contacted ridged on your behalf.

filled out thepaperwork needed and had your new batteries shipped out for closing I suggest you take the time to read both the packaging but mostimportantly and i'll abbreviate here RTFM. if you don't know what RTFM standsfor i'm sorry but I won't say the words out loud as one of them is quite rude.but it works in this instance.


Warranty companies or the insurers will always look for ways to get out of a claim. Although insurance can be a high profit business every claim lowers that profit.

Unlike the primary company involved who has the potential for more profit by honoring a claim no questions asked with good reviews & future business the insurance business is more cut and dry.

And this brings me to the next point.

If the store or company itself will not honor the warranty you are not buying or doing business with that store. Don't worry about due diligence or Home Depot or Rigid but rather their insurance company.

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I had the same exact experience, word for word. I was just considering the idea that many other people experienced the same thing.

The problem is though it's now 2014 and I would guess that at this point anybody who did have the same issue tossed the tools thinking there was nothing they could do. If there were enough of us, a class action lawsuit might be just the ticket.

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