Aiken, South Carolina
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No way to reach Customer Service to submit a complaint online so, after spending a half hour trying I will post it here and keep searching.


On the above date I bought a Christmas projection light to light up the front of my house. When I got home there was no remote so, I had to drive back into town to return the light a couple of hours after I bought it.

The receipt number is 1117 00014 08160 dated 12-3-19) at 1:13 P.M. . The original receipt was 1117 009 03096 same date cashier Regina. Costing $38.86.

When I explained that there was no remote I was told that someone must have stolen it. I said that it was put back after it was bought because the elec. cord had no tie and the bag was opened in the box. I was told that they trusted people, who returned the items in the store and that they didn't check them.

I said so, I got stuck wasting time and gas that I just put in my car because they passed on the defective item.

That cost me twice so, I want this addressed and I would like to be compensated considering I have spent between $40 and $50,000.00 at your store renovating 2 houses in the last 22 years. Respond.

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