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I purchased a vanity and ALL the items for a full bathroom remodel. I paid to have the vanity delivered to my home. The FIRST time It was delivered, they were going to leave It infant of my garage (blocking my car in). Keep in mind i assumed It was Home Depot that was delivering It since that is where i purchased It. I told the delivery guy that there was no way It could be left like that. He said he would come back the next open spot with another person to help him get It into our house. A week goes by....

I call HD and come to find out, the delivery company (not HD but a freight company called SEKO) said that i refused the delivery and they sent It back to HD. I had to buy It again. This time, the delivery man had already been to my house and seen the home. I paid extra to have It put in a room of choice. They show up and tell me that they need another man and take It back. YOU GUESSED It....they said i refused It and i had to buy It a THIRD TIME. Now......

They showed up the 3rd time with three grown men and I suggested they take It out of the wooden frame that was inside the box. I also suggested that they take the drawers and top off since It was so heavy. They didn't listen. They got It to the landing (turn on the stairs) and finally thought It was a good idea to listen to me. They started taking the nailed frame off and "working" the wood to break on my exposed floors. They did not take the top off or the drawers out and started shoving It up the stairs. This cause the frame, wooden moulding on my staircase to be busted and holes put in my wall, chunks out of my stairs, scraped up the banister, the wooden frame damaged the landing with huge gashes and they put a large scrape in my hardwood floors.

I made the damages known to the workers and they mentioned they had insurance.

When calling Home Depot, they said they were not held responsible and they weren't going to pay for the damages. Then we turned to SEKO. They suggested they would send out a handyman to fix the damages and he "does good work". The handyman was uninsured and not credible.

To add insult, the manager at SEKO was so rude and made It sound like It was our fault for ordering the vanity in the first place by saying, "we should have never taken this job. we are a freight company not a delivery service". We called HD back.... and we have been shot around to a number of people that "take responsibility" ask for pictures and repair quotes (we have sent them all in a fast time frame) and have heard nothing back. This all started in OCTOBER!!!!!! It is APRIL!!!!!!!!

So far, we have spoken to the manager at SEKO: Ron

HD: Joy Caines, Amber Bingham and Denise Brown (i have over 20 emails with this group and COUNTLESS CALLS with other people at HD)

Product or Service Mentioned: Seko Logistics Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: repair the damages promptly.

Home Depot Pros: That i was able to get the vanity after much trouble.

Home Depot Cons: Customer service, Corporate response, Lack of response, No urgency, 6 months of issues and still not solved.

  • HOme Depot Customer Service
  • no responsibility
  • home depot delivery
  • poor accountabilty
  • Poor Communication
  • 6 Months And Counting
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