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Every time I go to my local Home Depot, I am accosted by a Solar City sales *** who desperately needs to know if I am a home owner. He won't take "I'm not interested" or "No Thank You" for an answer and will launches into "How much is your electric bill?" I've talked to a Home Depot store manager, and they say it is a corporate contract and they really don't have any local authority in the matter.

Home Depot was willing to go talk to the Solar City guy if he is operating outside of "his designated location on the floor", but in my experience the Solar City guy is free to wander the store and hassle me in a variety of departments. I don't know how much Solar City pays Home Depot for a license to stalk within their stores, but I hope it makes up for customers who refuse to put up with this experience and take their business to Lowes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"......and take their business to Lowes."

sounds like you came up with a solution

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