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I am a roofing contractor and Home Depot is pretty much my right hand, I went to this one store located at 601 New E ordnance rd in Glen Burnie.

>I have a very terrible experience one of my workers was getting 36 bundles of shingles he had to then in a palette nad I was right next to it we were looking for 2 bundles of caps of the same color so the was more on top but we werent sure it was the same color as the shingles so he claimed on top of the palette to see if the ones on top were the same so this one guy so works there came straight to us with a very nasty voice saying either you get off or you out my employee response was ooh Im sorry we just looking for caps he was still saying you need to go out right now I jumped and say excuse me sr why are you talking to us like that he say you too I got very angry nd I said wait firt at all you need to lower you voice nd he said yall are stealing Im like what we are what I laughed he said Im calling the police I said sr tell me what are we stilling he goes you cant claim on a palette I said we didnt know that but theres a lot ways to come over a person special it you are working on a place where your costumes are your priorities I said you need to work on your customer service skills hes like idc yall not a customer since now I said your are out your mind he got in my face telling me to leave the store I say please call your manager because its obviously you got issues hes like ok Im calling him .. he will still telling me to leave at these point he was all over my face and I had my 2 years old with me ..

he said I will just punch you in the face I got very angry and I say do it now like I wished you would he say I dont care if they fire me nd long story short when I was leaving he started flicking me off nd do a jeck sign below his parts i am very very disappointed like these is unbelievable he needs to get fired like now ..

these can be happening at all he is a sick person his name was Garry he was a told bold head guy .. on his 55s

Preferred solution: Apology.

Home Depot Pros: That you always have help for service.

Location: 601 New Ordnance Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

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Wow, you're a contractor? Take a minute and read what you wrote.

And why on earth would you bring your 2 year old to work with you? Quite a bogus looking post.


You seem almost illiterate. You cant spell. You cant puncture and your English is horrible.



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