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we spent $2209.13 on a fridge in MAY and it is now JULY and we have not received it yet. Customer service is impossible to reach.

I am currently sitting on hold to speak to someone and it has been 53 minutes and 27 seconds. The last time I called the number that was written on the invoice to call if you had questions about an order, I waited on line for over an hour only to be told that I called the wrong number???? UMMM.... it was the number printed clearly on the invoice.

I was told I would get transferred to another department, and in the interim, I got disconnected. I have yet to find out what has happened to our order. Very disappointed.

If our fridge suddenly conked out during this time, we would be burying our food underground to keep it cold. Utterly unacceptable.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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With the virus many companies shut down for a couple of months creating a backlog in orders. If you ordered one of the Korean brands the wait can be even longer.

When I sold LG appliances you could see orders take 3 months or more if their warehouses in the US ran out of stock.

Getting an accurate delivery date for customers on backordered products was difficult as well. If time is a factor only purchase appliances that the store actually has in stock.

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