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Update by user Jun 02, 2021

Moving along quickly! ive employed best selling investigative reporters out of Washington D.C.

who specialize in business and banking. ive also made contact with two regulatory bodies looking over my data. in addition ive hired a top notch civil attorney. I was patient and polite in reaching out to executives for a resolution which went ignored.

instead ive had Home Depot employees from around the country stalk me on linked in and resort to childish name calling online forums. At this point it is obvious i’ll have to take this all the way which will only cost Home Depot both financially and publicly. none of this was necessary had they simply made any attempt to resolve the issue prior to forcing me into no alternative. i spent 3 years fighting the Rent to Own industry many years ago so i have contacts and experience in these matters.

in addition im one who is willing to take a stand and spend the time and resources to see this through. in my opinion Home Depot’s false ego and incompetent employees will regret forcing this down a path easilly avoided!

stay tuned! i’ll update as things progress!

Original review updated by user May 26, 2021 Went to return items I had purchased for my contractors the day before and on my Home Depot account. Employee and Manager stole my merchandise.

I called the police. Home Depot employees lied and said I threatened to shoot up the store. I'm a 43 year old business owner who works in a highly litigious industry. I said I would "Sue" Home Depot.

I was taken to jail for terroristic threats i did not make, never and still to this day has my merchandise been returned or refunded, I lost $10's of thousands in legal bills and lost income. I took a polygraph test and passed with 2.5 times the score needed for Truthfullness to prove my innocence. No deception found. Idont go around threatening women or risking my freedom and career over what amounts to dinner money in stolen merchandise.I took a polygraph test and passed with 2.5 times the score needed for Truthfullness to prove my innocence.

No deception found. I dont go around threatening women or risking my freedom and career over what amounts to dinner money in stolen merchandise. Home Depot literally has hundreds of false arrests and false claims just like mine or very similar and are defendants in over 4,000 cases as found on pacer. The overly aggressive loss prevention actions taken by Home Depot to battle their theft issues has caused a toxic environment for unsuspecting customers like myself.

Home Depot has teamed up with local law enforcement across the country breeding an employee culture that is actively seeking out problems that many times just are not there. Investigations have begun into the practices as i'm far from an isolated incident. BE AWARE!

***Listen to Video uploaded to youtube - 2 months after Home Depot initially stole my merchandise I called a store I do not frequent and never gave my name, but the runaround was the same.

Home Depot management WOULD NOT MERELY LOOK UP MY RECEIPTS (I WAS PROVIDING) or my online Home Depot account.

Mangers are robotic with new loss prevention protocols. ****

User's recommendation: Be Very Careful when shopping at Home Depot.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Home Depot Cons: No customer service and easy way to resolve issue.

Location: 14085 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77040

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Did you have receipts for the items you were trying to return to prove they had been paid for?


Of course I had physical receipts as well as my online Home Depot account which shows all transactions. Management ignored my numerous requests to look them up.

In addition I have video of me leaving my home with the merchandise minutes before arriving at Home Depot as well as a recording with a manager 2 months after the fact who still would no look up my account or receipts. Its honestly mind boggling


Liar! No one shows up with items to return and a receipt and it escalates to an arrest!


You don’t really describe exactly what took place on the return.


go to the twitter page I listed on the page multiple times for more details. I have uploaded numerous documents, detailes of events, copies of similar home depot lawsuits, home depot regulatory fines, etc.

Again, I listed the twitter page numerous times on the complaint. Go to


I see that and I did check it out. What I meant was what was the back and forth? It doesn’t seem like “hi I have a return , here’s my receipt” was the deal.


You honestly have no idea......THese were on thre othere sites....WE will have detailed webistes soo as they are ;under construction and the platforems are not the best for being specific and detailed.... HEre are my phone records, time stamped video footabe of me loading the returns merchandise in my vehicel on the way to Home Depot, my polygraph results shoing i;m being trugthfuland two different bried a bried syopsis of events...Trust me I was so caught off gaurd you have no idea.

None of this makes sense to me in the least. I have found hundreds o f other cases involving Home DEpot. Anyway, you should be able to put together timelines between my phoe recoreds, home video footage, when I called 911and teh time stamps on the receipts as well as ;my hoy home depot account. I cutually did requested and perfomed everything you just mentioned and more twhile i wa just trying to understand wheat the *** was happening.

I'll send viideo of the police at my *** as well. They had no intent to take me statement, parked around the block and snuck up to my hy home. It was all rurreal. Quckly, all officers realized I wasn't a threat and left mid conversation with the arresting officer, however the officer had already called the DA prior to speaking with me and based on the llies of the casier.

He didn't care that I called the police for help, or theat I was *** already and never an altercation or shooting or antying physical transpired. HE was aware my merchandiisse was missing (It was lost in all of 15 minutes if you look at the tielies on the phone recoresd and my camera footage.

Iha been nearly 3 months now and still no one has returned my merchandise or refunded my account. The llittle mangere was uccesgull in stealing my items previously paid for as a bonusus to going to jail for something ai neber said...

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