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The easiest way to sum it up is to include the email I sent straight to Home Depot for the headache they are causing this holiday season:

I would like to launch a complaint about the store in Dover, NJ. (Rockaway Area) A few weeks ago I had gone into the store to purchase custom closet doors for my bf. Because of how long we waited they knocked 50$ off of the price. The day before yesterday we found out by calling the store that the doors were discontinued. So last night we went to the store to get the money back for the doors. We were greeted by an aggressive woman who had no business working in customer service as she did not want to help customers. Finally a person above her made her help us. She was grumpy and failed to mention that if she was crediting my debit card back it could hold up the money being put back onto my card by 48 hours to two weeks. This morning when I called she was not happy to hear back from me. I had gone into my bank account and noticed the money had not been credited back to my bank account. While I had purchased the doors etc under my bf's name we ran it all through my credit card. When I started asking her questions about it she was short and rude. She stated she would be looking into it and not realizing she hadn't hung up the phone said "What the *** is this lady's problem" in a nasty tone.

I called the store back and did not receive much extra help in resolving this issue. I tried to speak with a manager named Dan on the phone who while sympathetic was trying to put blame on me for not asking how long it would take for the money to come into my account. So now, my money is tied up, I can't get what I had started out to, and they didn't care how this was an inconvenience. We have been spending money there non stop lately as we are doing a lot of work on the house.

Please help me learn what can be done to solve this. Its christmas time and I'm out money that I need because of your people. I'm also insulted and can't believe how people who are in customer service supposed to represent your company treat people.

Review about: Home Depot Manager.

Monetary Loss: $235.

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Warne, North Carolina, United States #93234

Reality Check,

I understand it can take a few days to post, but 14 days holding a few hundred dollars is redic when I used a debit card, she should have said something at the time. I'm not someone who just has a lot of money in their bank account. My frustration wasn't strictly about the money, it was about how I was treated in the store which fueled my being upset.

Also home depot is sending a small gift card... the same amount the store had initially given me when they messed up.... I'm just happy that they responded quickly and that the money is in my account so I can have another company get the doors I wanted.

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #93230

Hi Terribleservice,

This is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care; I would like to apologize for the store not following up with you and would like to offer my help again. Please send me an email with details; I will be glad to help.


The Home Depot

Atlanta, GA 30339

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #93213

There is no excuse for how the person at the store treated you. As far as the delay in seeing your money returned to your account, that is the credtit card system at work.

Stores process charges and credits in the same manner.

The companies and banks processing the transactions just take longer to get credits to your account completed than they do charges. You need to ask your bank why it take so long to get a credit posted.


Not Happy in NJ, I saw that online tech help Michael responded to you. I thought he was actually going to help me, but he didn't.

Apparently, we are just logged calls/replies for him at his job and he isn't really concerned about assisting you.

Michael told me last week that I would hear from the manager at our store and we didn't.

Warne, North Carolina, United States #92099

correction... they found it on this site as seen below.

Warne, North Carolina, United States #92098

As an update their corporate office reached out to me immediately and helped to resolve the issue. I appreciate their help, and the fact that they followed through and listened.

They found a review on another site just before 11 emailed me right away and by 4:15 had sent me a resolution email of what steps were taken and what was occurring. So 5 stars to corporate and negative five stars to the Dover location.

Warne, North Carolina, United States #92048


I just emailed you the full details as well as some other things that have come up at the store.

Thank you for responding so quickly.

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #92031

Hi Nothappynj,

This is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I’m sorry about your experience with our associate turned out the way it did. I would like to look further into this for you. Please send an email with more details to me.


The Home Depot

Atlanta, GA 30339

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