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Ok Home Depot what is going on with your self help check out registers? We are not getting our full change back in return.

Why are you cheating me out of a penny change. My co-worker noticed this to. Now that we are bringing this to other peoples attention in this community they come back to me and tell me yeah you are right i was short changed a penny...I tried calling the manager to complain about this as i was on hold for 20 minutes. Opps i do not have the time to wait nor would i want to wait around for 20 minutes of my time for a manager..I did explained this a woman who finally picked up the phone after this long wait, she says she is not aware of this penny issue, Well Helloooo thats why iam calling you ...

Dahhhh !!

So did any employee spread the word to you yet/ have they looked deeper into this issue? Guess not again i was short changed just the other day...Any way I would like to ask you isn't this how " Bernie Madoff " started out? A ohhh please not another ponzi - scheme.. I keep thinking how many people coming in to your store using those registers to busy to notice they were short changed.

Mmmm how many pennies are you calculating to the bank from all those customers who are to busy to notice this ??...Not good Home Depot fix the registers we will begin to think this is another scam...

Shame, Shame, you should of answered the phone or have the woman take my phone # to respond to this issue - now that would be superb customer service that we do not receive now-a-days, Yeah ok... Psssst hint here - p.s. maybe if you did answer the phone, or the woman took down this information it would of prevented me from coming here to complain about this.... Mmmmm how many pennies per day are you getting from these consumers???

who aren't aware of the penny issue??? Nice deposit I bet !!

Not good !!! Helpppppppp are you hearing me now- oh this is so much faster than waiting 20 minutes on the phone....for a manager, or better yet some type of excepetional customer service...Thanks

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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #79655

why are you so worried about a freakin penny? i'm sure that with all the money you save by shopping here you don't need to worry about the penny.


Wow i guess this pissed of consumer thing really works !! Thanks home depot, i received the correct change this morning, now thats service !!

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