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I ordered a washer and dryer at Home Depot. On the scheduled delivery date, their 3rd party delivery company (Barlow's) did not show up. I received an automated call at 9:30 a.m. saying they would be there in 30 minutes (you have to punch in a code to confirm you're home). An hour later I called to find out where they were. I was told they could not find my house (try a GPS), and tried to call me and left messages numerous times - they didn't. I was home the whole time - so supposedly I left after the automated call I left???? Give me a break.

I talked to Barlow's manager, who was very uninterested and said I would have to reschedule later in the week and couldn't have cared less about wasting my time or that I desperately needed a washer that worked! I then called my local Home Depot where I had purchased (Laveen, AZ) and the appliance associate couldn't get them to come back the same day either.

I refuse to accept such horrible treatment and promptly cancelled my order. I went to Lowes and they delivered the next day - they do not outsource and have their own employees deliver/install.

Home Depot - get a clue and dump Barlows or insist they do a better job! I will never buy another appliance thru them which is a shame as they have good prices and their sales staff was very helpful. But you are only as good as all the people that work for you - again dump Barlows.

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When u live in a tiny pissant town GPS doesn't work. Move to a real city.

to Anonymous #785492

hey, you're an *** and don't know how GPS works if you think you need to live in a "real city" to get a GPS signal.

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #325371

Hi. I'm Stephanie with Home Depot Customer Care. I'm sorry about the experience you've had with your appliance delivery. Your feedback is much appreciated. If you'd like to share more details, please contact me via email.


Stephanie (

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