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We had a kitchen refaced completed on 9/19/19. The installer broke our window and damaged our wallpaper left a mess and gauged drawers left old hardware nailed a previously free standing cabinet to the wall making that cabinet higher than the others and in all we have 19 pics of the damage and botched job he did.

There was no visual inspection by them it was left to us and a phone call and of course the damage was mostly internal not readily apparent except for the window and the wallpaper and the gauges to the sink and the garbage he didn't clean up. We paid $9000 cash right after and placed the bal:$5792 on Home Depot cc. Since then we have documented with pictures and they have inspected the damage and have agreed it needs to be fixed but their 100% Guarantee doesn't state we have to let them back into our home to possibly do more damage so they refused to just right off the balance. They also never answered our questions about how much the repair would cost to see if we allowed them to repair if a compromise for the rest of the balance could be reached.

We have filed complaints with the BBB and AG's office here in NY and sent an email to Senator Chuck Schumer and their answer now because they can't refute the pics and other documents is to lie stating "we refused their responses thru the mail and trying to slander our character by saying we are "imaging" things and redirect the focus of the complaints back on us as bad customers, We have never accused not verbally or in writing the character or the past activities of any installer because we have no actual documentation so legally that would not be allowed but they have tried to besmirch our good names to the BBB and AG's office which tells us they are desperate to get rid of us. Let me warn them Vince Albachiero Mark Curry Megan Curry Robert Reid all of them that Donna and I will not stand for slander and as of Monday will be consulting an attorney not only for the documented and irrefutable damages but for the horrible cheap way they have treated us especially over these holidays by sending emails saying "let's talk" while sending lies behind our backs.

We warn all you there is no customer satisfaction here and the work does fall apart later anyway as we have seen in other reviews. Once this is finished however it ends we will forever close our account after being good paying customers for some 16 yrs and we assure you that any organization we are in will know this whole story of no customer service and deceit and shabbiness which has become the Home Depot and Your Remodeling Guys Revelare Kitchens and Citibank for not supporting a credit customer.Mike Parisi and Donna Micheli

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Remodeling.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $5792.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Home Depot Cons: All aspects esp installation and customer service.

Location: 1750 Industrial Hwy, York, PA 17402

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We had the same problem with Home Depot on a bath remodel. They caused a leak which rotted out our sub floor we had mold from it.

They tore the bathroom out twice and then laid my ceramic tile over the rotten subfloor. We were left with an unfinished bathroom this has gone on 4 years. Citibank does not stand behind credit card customers. They are all for Home Depot.

They made us sign a form releasing them from damages or they would not repair anything. They never came back and fixed it


I'm so sorry that this happened to you that is a worse situation and also constitutes fraud. I wish we could all get together with 1 attorney and make them pay for all the heartache as well. Donna and I are still pursuing options.

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