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Update by user Dec 26, 2017

I was offered a more expensive snowthrower since the one I wanted originally is no longer in stock. Since the snowthrower he offered would be too heavy for me the manager personally called around, found the original model I purchased and gave me a discount as well.

Update by user Dec 26, 2017

I went to Home Depot today and was pleasantly surprised. They reviewed the surveillance tape and the snowblower was given to someone else.

How? Who knows. However, the manager apologized for the inconvenience and offered me a better snowblower because the one I wanted is no longer in stock. I declined that offer because it is too heavy for my purposes.

He then called around to different stores and found the one which I originally purchased. He also offered a discount for my inconvenience.

I am totally satisfied now but, due to human error (I guess) it makes me more hesitant to use the online purchase and pick up store option at any store (not just Home Depot). Thank's Home Depot for resolving the issue!!!

Original review posted by user Dec 24, 2017

I purchased a snoblower online with Home Depot on December 17 with the option to pick it up in the Southfield Michigan store on Southfield Road. I decided to do it this way because a snow storm was coming and I did not want to risk it being sold out because it was a reasonable price.

The internet site clearly states that you are the only one who may pick it up and you must show identification for it to be released. It also gives you approximately a month to pick it up. I arrive at the Southfield store today ( Christmas Eve) to pick it up. Lo and behold they inform me that it was already picked up and signed for.

She then ask me if maybe my husband had picked it up??? I pointed out to her that the site does not allow you to put in alternate people and you must present ID. They also informed me that the person needed to know the order number. I explained that it was an online order and noone has access to my email and noone new I was purchasing a snowblower but my husband and son.

They then then told me that they had to pull up the surveillance tapes and it could take 20 minute to review. They kept coming back, telling me they were having problems with reviewing the tape. After almost two hours the manager comes back and states it is being inestigated by loss and protection and due to the holidays it would be after Chritmas before things are ironed out.. Meanwhile it about to be a ice storm, I have no snow-blower and am not sure if I will get one from Home Depot or be refunded the cost of the blower.

I feel one of two things has happened neither of which reflects well on the store: 1 An incompetent staff person gave my snow thrower away 2 It an inside job and the store has a dishonest employee who got someone to come in as me and pick it up. Since they could access all the order information as it came in it would be very easy for this to occur.

That being said I will never again, nor would I ever advise anyone to use this option to purchase such an expensive item from this store. The store is not reliable and noone wants to risk losing that kind of money or have a significant delay occur before being refunded if the item is not available.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: item paid for online to be picked up given to someone else.

Monetary Loss: $423.

Preferred solution: I would like the item I ordered, a full refund if that is not an option, possibly a discount for the hassle and inconvenience.

I liked: Good selection of merchandise.

I didn't like: Slow fix to major problem.

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Sounds like a bunch of made up B.S.. You ordered for pick up at the store because a storm was coming and you wanted to be sure one was there when you got there but waited a week to go pick it up?

How did you lose $423.00? They gave you a discount?

to Anonymous #1411759

As I reported in the follow-up revised review when I returned to the store after Christmas they reviewed the surveillance tape and indeed my snow thrower was given to someone else. As a result of this I was refunded the money and given a discount for a new one.

Not only did I mention this but I also upgraded my rating to all 4 stars except for 2 stars for staff. What type of staff gives away a 400 dollar item that has been paid for to someone else and they have to sign for it and show driver's license? What i it had been two thousand dollar worth of goods? What if the surveillance tapes had not been clear then what?

Are you willing to take thar risk with your money and time? As for why it took me a week to get into the store. Well noone else can pick it up and I work 12 hour a day and then have to come home and take care of a family member with the end stages of dementia. Sometimes Im too tired to go to the store and in fact most items i order on line and have shipped to my home.

I purchased it online at that time because i didn't have to worry about it selling out or going up in price before i was able to physically get to the store with my busy schedule. Therefore i could pick it up on my time when I felt like it. I indeed had a month to pick it up with no worries about it being sold out.As far as the storm ,i looked at the new and it said a storm was coming on Christmas Day so I went to the store on Christmas Eve. If I had used your logic and waited until I got to the store to buy it it would have been sold out.

In indeed when I went to the store on Chrismas Eve it was sold out at that location and when I returned on Tuesday they had to call around and find me one. The snow came Chrismas Day which had to be hand shoveled at my home and place of businness. I had to waste time sitting in the store while they tried to clear thing up on Christmas Eve and again while they called around the day after Christmas to locate one and then I had to drive across town to a different store to pick it up. So yes I didn't lose money but my time is just as valuable to me.

Even though the outcome came out good financially I would think again about using that type of service at any store now because it could happen again and who wants to go through the hassle I went through ??? I may just stick to buying things online and having it shipped to my home.

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