Norwalk, Iowa

I purchased a char-broil grill from Home Depots and originally was satisfied. However, the warming tray was bent from the beginning and I sought a replacement. You can forget about getting any replacvement parts for the grills they sell'; as all you get is obnoxious remarks and "go online", that's if you can get any help to begin with. I went online and they said they would email the store manager and have them correct the problem. This meant taking a warming grill from a unit still for sale.

The store manager said to go get the piece and come back to the service counter. I did that in two minutes. After the short time I returned and there was another store manager there. I explained what had happened and he saqid "why should I believe you and not have you pay for the grill piece". I stood there for 1/2 hour explaining and finally he agreed.

This is NOT customer service. I felt like I was a criminal but did nothing wrong. I will never shop at Home Depot ever again. By and large their people are scarce, ignorant or just "can't be bothered" with customer questions.

HD has fallen off the courtesty wagon and I'll now go to Lowes where they still appreciate their people.

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I work for home depot in managment the biggest problem in handleing complaints like yours is the 100 people before you are trying to defraud the store and some just do not understand that we did not make the product and if you look at sites like this lowes,sears and all retail chains have just as many complaints like this if not more it is not a personal attack on you its just that most people are trying to get something for nothing and that is why prices keep going up on everything

Lykens, Pennsylvania, United States #30783

if you're lucky, you have a menards in your area and you'll shop there.

if not, then i feel bad for you. expect continued low-level customer service.

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