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I have lived in my house for over 25 years and was so excited that we had finally saved the money to remodel our house, starting with our kitchen. We wanted to redo everything- all appliances, paint, new lighting, new tile, and new kitchen table.

The first step was the cupoards, then replace the tile. On November 15, 2017, I visited the Home Depot located in Mesa, Arizona (425 S Val Vista Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204) and purchased cabinets and counters (totaling $5,500) and all new appliances to match (an additional $3,700). The rep, Barbra, ordered cupboards and emailed company while I was standing there. She stated, “They will be delivered on November 23rd.

Oh! That’s really pretty fast but that’s what they said, November 23rd so make sure you are near your phone.” We hired a professional to come and complete our tile since we had planned on having the cabinets installed. Five minutes after I got home, Barbra called me and asked, “Did you want the light gray?” which is what I ordered. She indicated that she ordered the dark gray but would call and get it fixed.

She called back 15 minutes later stating she corrected the color and it was all resolved. It was then I noticed that that delivery date was actually set for Thanksgiving but she was so clear that it was that particular day. I didn’t mention it while I was speaking with her. I awaited the delivery on the promised date but they didn’t come.

On Sunday, November 26th I called and asked for Barbra. She was not there so another man looked up my order and stated, “Oh it’s the shaker gray cupboards?”, I stated “No it’s supposed to be dove gray, the light gray.” He then stated “Oh yes I see that now.” He couldn’t give me any update on the status because it was Sunday and told me to call back Monday. Monday I called and Barbra stated she was going to track the cabinets. She then stated she saw they were on the truck and they should be here by Wednesday at the latest.

This would have been 6 days after the promised delivery date. She stated if they weren’t there by then, to call her back. To no surprise they were not delivered on Wednesday. I called Barbra who sated if they weren’t delivered by Friday, then I should call them myself.

So Friday morning came and I called the number for the delivery service, they stated my cupboards were there but they don’t do residential deliveries on Friday. I called Barbra back and was so frustrated that I requested to go and get them myself. She said that wasn’t an option, so I asked her to deliver them to her store then and I would get them from there. Barbra stated she will request an extra driver to deliver the cabinets, however the company declined.

She again told me to call them Monday and set up a delivery date and that they would be delivered within 10 days. The cabinets were finally delivered on December 5th, 13 days after the promised date. However, they delivered the wrong color, the dark gray not the light gray. Of course I called Home Depot and complained to Barbra about the wrong color.

She stated she would call the cabinet company and that they would have to assemble the correct cabinets and will most likely not get them until the first of January but they would arrange for the other cabinets to be picked up. On December 18th I called Home Depot and waited on hold for an hour and a half and requested to speak with a manager, Phil. Of course I had to explain everything all over again. He stated there was a glitch in the system that was preventing them from scheduling the pickup.

I expressed to him that the least they could have done is call me and tell me they were having problems and to expect delays. We had family coming to stay with us and needed all the space we could get. The pallets of cabinets sat in our driveway until December 20th or the 21st. Somewhere in that timeframe I also called and spoke to your corporate office, the woman stated all dates are approximate and that it wasn’t their fault but the employees fault.

Over the course of an hour and 10 minutes on the phone with your corporate office, they stated there was nothing they could do for us. I stated if that’s the case, I just want to cancel my order and take my business elsewhere. She then threatened that I would be responsible for a restocking fee ranging anywhere from $800 or $1,000. At this point, I felt I was being shoved in a corner and just had to accept what was told.

The correct cabinets were delivered to my house on December 28th over a month after the promised or “approximate” date. According to the invoice I was given, the cabinets had been sitting at ESTS December 20th. I wish the nightmare ended there, however we continued to run into issue after issue with the cabinets. When we opened the box for the cabinets, we found out we were missing all of the outside corner molding, all of the trim, wall fillers and toe kits.

One cabinet was damaged and other set had scratches (we took pictures with the cabinets still in the box, they are attached). On December 30th, I went back to the store and spoke with Phil again. I was visibly upset and wanted to know if they could install the cabinets as a goodwill gesture for all the frustration they had caused. He stated I would be compensated in some way but they had to have a meeting and review the whole situation with all the managers and that he would call me by Wednesday (January 2nd) to let me know what they could do.

Now here we are dealing with this nightmare for 2 months with no resolution and no follow through to all these claims about a customer service driven company.

Day after day, not one single person was empathic or apologetic for our situation. No one assured me that this was a rare occurrence or that they would do whatever they could to make me feel valued as a consumer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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