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I purchased insulation from home depot, I was supposed to get a gift card I believe for two hundred dollars I do not remember it's been so *** long.It was a lot of insulation I purchased. I sent it in with the original reciept like I was supposed too.

Also I purchased a Crestline doorwall from them before they discontinued Crestline products. By the way this was no cheap doorwall my friend.The problem is I never got the lockset for the door witch was around $100.00. I just got tired of going back and forth with the ***! The companies I work for (RYANN CONSTRUCTION & CITY CABINETTES) and I spend a lot of moeny with Home Depot!!!!

What the *** is going on ? Some one not doing thier job or was it false advertisement ?

Home Depot is my favorite store but I feel like I got CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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