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Is it so hard to ring the doorbell or knock on the door when making a delivery? You left Glens Falls NY at 7:39 today and delivered at approx 3 pm give or take a few minutes. Just leave and left -- you could have helped me (age 77) move the box but no - just leave and you can lie about it all you want.ORder W208034432 Model 20379 /toro

Shame on you for hiring such do not care drivers - what happened to the treat others like you would like to be treated??

Jim Cole

80 Renaissance Lane

Wilton, NY 12831


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firstly did you order this online? or directly in a store using their delivery service?

i can't say for how online orders work but i can for sure tell you that deliveries set up through the store are what they call "curbside deliveries" or "curbside dropoff" they are taken to the location and dropped off. not moved to where it's more conveinent for you nor assembled tested demod or anything like that.

to notgivingit Albany, New York, United States #673342

Online -- came out of Albany store -- not bigge but what happened to just being respectful of each other?

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