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I requested the Home Depot deliver to the entranceway of my house I paid extra for them to put it in the entranceway of my house. I did not say side of the house in front of the house or outside the house I said inside the entryway.

Fortunately I was strong enough to get it inside my house for me to be 62 years old. I just closed out my Home Depot credit card and pay them off. I decided since Im home teleworking I wanted to redo my kitchen. I was going to order a sofa from Home Depot.

I will never order another thing from Home Depot that was large.

I requested a text one day that it is deliver, I never got the text until I happened to look out the Window now I can pay my Home Depot off with a clear conscience. I will go with Lowes or another hardware store before I come to Home Depot again.

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And remember to go to church on Sunday. Home Depot H. R.

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