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I bought 2 items online on September 14th 2020 from Home Depot.ca. The delivery date posted was September 16th to Sept 19th or 20th if memory serves me well.

Every day thereafter the delivery date was pushed and is still being pushed by one day every day. Today is says October 4-10th.

When I bought the two items, my record posted that the sale was Confirmed on Sep 14; it's now shown as Confirmed on Sep 24 , just as if they think the customer wouldnt notice.

I followed up via a chat on September 14th and one more time on September 24th. Each time, I was informed that the items were available and they did not understand why the items were not delivered yet. I was told during the two chats that tickets were raised regarding the issue, the second one as a top priority and that they were putting a follow-up date of 3-5 days.

There were no follow-ups done with me in either case.

Of course, like many enterprises, they put the fault on the coronavirus. Well, I ordered two days ago two items from Amazon.ca (a tablet and a case) both were received yesterday one day delivery. I also ordered 2 items from Costco.ca online September 28th and I received them this morning. Three- day delivery.

Hum Amazon can do it, Costco can do it and Home Depot cant wow!

Really impressed by the delivery service coronavirus give me a break!.

I chatted for a third time today and guess what I got the same nonsense cant do anything to help you will raise an immediate attention ticket.

This was my first online order from Home Depot and be assured, this is going to be the last one. I do not recommend one should be buying online from Home Depot.ca

User's recommendation: Of course not.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Home Depot Pros: Home depot com customer service team, Closeby.

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No one cares....,.


God cares. He knows. Joshua Guttlebam(Norfolk Home Depot Employee)

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