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On July 9th I purchased $1700.00 worth of stuff from Home Depot I asked could I pick it up on July 15th at 9:00 A.M. They said yes.

On pick up day we made our way to our local Home Depot to find out the order hadn't been pulled. They told me to come back at 1:30P.M. it would be ready. So at 11:00 A.M.

I called the store to make sure we were on point. To my supprise the lady on the phone said it wasn't ready and all of our purchase wasn't in the store so they would call when it was ready. I asked when she thought that would be and she said she wasn't sure, so I requested delivery. The lady said yes but that would be a 79.00 charge.

I asked to speak to a manager and she agreed to cover the cost to have it delivered. So we decided to have it delivered on Tuesday July 18th. I asked if there would be and exact time she said it would be between 7 and 5 of that day. But if I call day of delivery I could get a ETA So Tuesday comes I call Home Depot from Airport at 0700 to get a ETA the the person on the phone said it was in route so I called my wife to rush to out new home to receive our goods.

As she drove to the destination Home Depot called and said they made a mistake it wasn't coming so I called my wife and tell her to turn around. Then a rep from Home Depot calls my wife an says the delivery will be there at 2:30 so she goes the the house and waits. At 3:00 nothing arrives and she calls Home Depot for a definitive answer regarding delivery. Now mind you this is in Arizona Our AC isn't working no water, house is empty and my wife is afraid to leave in fear she might miss the delivery, and the person on the phone can't give a definitive answer.

So she calls me and I call to talk to the manager at Home Depot because the individual my wife talked to said she was the manger. I explained to him the circumstances and he said he would check into the situation. After a while he calls back and says the delivery truck broke down and that caused the delay. But he said he wasn't sure where it was at and but knew it was on its way.

Well at 5:16P.M. It came, half of it came. Yep they were missing stuff While the driver made some calls he was talking to my wife and my wife's asked him about his broken down truck and he said his truck hadn't broke down he was standing around at the home Depot waiting to deliver this order. Well to say the least I was hot when my wife relayed this message, I call the store manager and he had nothing to say.

All I wanted was them to say We dropped the ball sir what can we do to make it up? No! nothing but broken down excuses Well another truck came and they brought the rest of our stuff which was 6:00P.M. I Filled a complaint they offered 20% discount, but really!!!!!

Where is CustomerCare Where is the happy Home Depot on T.V.

All I got was a ton of accuses and a poor wife who sat in the AZ heat almost 4 hours wow!!! And they put grout and tile Set in our new tub Navy man

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You obviously had a way to pick the product up. Why didn't you just go into the store, put the product on a cart.

load it and head on home. Sure seems like it would have been a lot easier and quicker as well as saving a lot of complaining.

Quincy, Massachusetts, United States #1352382

this is what happens when you try and save just a little money ,, by the time you add up your time ,your wifes time it probably coast you twice as much as a lumber yard and you still dont have your complete order

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