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I went to the local HD to get some of those garden hose quick disconnects. I picked them up and started to use them and didn't eve think twice about it went a couple of them started leaking.

I went back to get some more and this time I looked at the stock and the stock had been sitting there so long the o-rings where dry rotted and broken. I pointed this out to a sales droid and asked for the manager. The manager was "out to lunch" and was unavailable. I left thinking that it would be reported and fixed.

*WRONG*. I went back a couple of weeks later and the same stock was still out for sale. This time I spoke w/the manager and he promised to take care of it. *WRONG* I just wnet back there again for something else and decided to see if the situation had hadn't.

The same stock was *still* on sale and rotting.

Word to the wise.

Check the stock you are buying carefully before you take it home. These were only $5 parts, but when you buy a half-dozen and you end up eating it, it *** one off.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Hey *** face your right o-rings are cheap. It's the point.

You don't buy new things to have to by replacement parts, do you?

All these home improvement stores are full of summer stuff that has been in their inventory for years. The useless *** they call employees don't help these place either.


hey ***, o rings are a pretty cheap and easy fix.

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