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Order number: WG1404****

What does it take to get a problem with an order resolved?

How much more of my time is Home Depot going to waste?

Why do I have to talk to mindless robots who can do nothing or will do nothing to resolve my issue?

Why can I not speak to a manager when I request to do so?

I received this order on August 17.

Found that 6 handles were missing.

I called immediately and spoke to a gentlemen, who said he had ordered the six missing handles.

On Sept 4, I had not received them.

So, I called again and got the run around.

Finally spoke to a Charlie... She gave me the run around..

She told me the gentleman on Aug 17 never ordered them.

Finally here is the email I got from her.

Hello Donald,

Just a quick note to let you know what actions I have taken regarding the six missing handles.

The manufacture was not reachable by phone. Called many times and only received a recorded message. Sent a request via email to have the six missing handles shipped out to you as soon as possible. If I receive any communication from the manufacture I will update you via email and place updated notes in your order.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.



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Because she said, if... I called back in and spoke to Jessica...

Jessica promised me she would take over this issue and make sure it happens...

And she would call me the next day, to give me a status update.

Then I get the following email.

Hello Donald,

I received a response from the manufacture. They will be shipping out replacement parts next week.



The HomeDepot.com Resolutions

Today, I received a package with 2 handles and not six.

So, I call back in and talk with Jared...

I ask to talk to Charlie's supervisor

He puts me on hold... I am on hold for 35 minutes and then disconnected

Call back in and talk to Jon Batiste

Get the same stinking run around.

He tells me that the 4 have now been ordered.

or at least he thinks they have been.

I ask what if I don't get them

I get the stinking answer of ... we'll call back...

Me, call back and be put on hold again for another 35 minutes to be disconnected..

Call back again, and ask for a manager and Jon keeps telling me, NO

Finally after 35 minutes and 6 requests for a manager he begins to see if he can find a manager.

After 68 minutes total he disconnects the call.


User's recommendation: go elsewhere.

Location: North Platte, Nebraska

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Complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this. Their contact information is either found on This website or online.

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