I had the Home Depot install a granite countertop. About 14 months after installation, I noticed a hairline crack on the countertop in front of the sink.

I called the store and they sent someone to look into it. We were told that we must have cracked the countertop and that it was no longer under warranty. They refused to take responsibility and said that it would cost $1000 to repair.

It has now been almost 3 years since installation. the hairline crack has now "spidered" and is 17 inches long and the granite is sinking. The crack is wide enough for food to get stuck in there. I have repeatedly tried to have this store address the problem and they keep ignoring me! They've had so many different managers in the last 3 years that I just keep getting lost in their changes and no one cares.

The most recent manager gave me false hopes of finally resolving this matter. He told me he would call me "tomorrow" to set up an appointment to come over and see the damages for himself. It has now been 4 weeks and I have not heard from him. I will NEVER again buy anything from the Home Depot.

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Are you kidding???? 14 months later. What the *** is wrong with you.


I am going through the EXACT same thing now with my kitchen granite countertop purchased and installed by my local home depot. Did they ever resolve your situation?

to Anonymous #1356778

I have the same situation - was told by a HD contractor field manager that we must have cracked it somehow. The crack grew to both sides of the stainless steel sink (bet you have one too).

Had a countertop man mitigate the damages before the cracks reached the wall! He cut the piece out, it had an embedded metal rod which had contact with the sink which caused a chem/electric process in the industry called Oxide Jacking. Oxide Jacking brings down buildings and bridges- rust and expansion - Google it, you are a victim of deceptive business practice just like me and probably hundreds of other Home Depot customers. I have an "installation warranty - For as long as you own your home." Which they refuse to honor.

I'm in the process of writing a Human Interest article for our local news paper and TV! Home Depot needs to have their butt kicks into tomorrow. I have read numerous stories like yours and have documented all of them. I know this is years later than your story, but mine is alive and kicking.

Give me a shout.....you can submit a complaint online to the FTC. Mooshult@hotmail.com

to Mooshult #1429981

Never say never! A few weeks ago I called the new countertop installer for Home Depot (the one that installed our countertop has no affiliation with our HD any longer, I have no idea why!)

So I explained the whole scenario to the very patient girl on the other end.

After listening, she asked that I send her all the information I had. Luckily I had kept a time line on everything and emailed the whole packet.

About two weeks later the COS from our local HD called stating HD was in the process of investigating our initial complaint and we will be contacted soon. A week later, The COS called back stating HD was going to reimburse us for the cost of the countertop which was $3,400.

Earlier this week I went to HD and signed a release and agreement document. The COS told us we would be receiving a check within two weeks. We received an apology. Home Depot did the right thing.

I called the girl at the countertop installer office and asked her what she did with the packet I sent her.

She said she really could not do anything with the information, but did send the packet to HD asking them if there was anything her company could do. She obviously caught the attention of somebody within the HD enterprise and they acted on the information I collected during the time this issue developed. I thanked Megan very much for going above and beyond - she didn't have to do anything but obviously wanted to do the right thing too.

Moral of the story is, if you feel you are right, pursue it till you drop.

I was nearly there with all the frustrations. Home Depot will remain one of my favorite places to shop - in the end they did the right thing!


"Your fault"--you happen to be the *** b/c Home Depot gets their granite from the same stone yard as "high end" granite suppliers...hahahahaha...you are just dumb enough to pay more for the same product!!


natural stone is predispositioned to crack if exposed to extreme heat or expanding and contracting water. you got a piece of stone that had the right combination to crack.

oops. welcome to life.


Too much time went by, you lose.


Was considering doing a kitchen and 4 bathrooms with Home Depot Granite this week. Based on them not immediately handling this promptly, my order is going to another installer. So bad for business to treat their customers that way.

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #123050

Hi, this is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care; I just wanted to let you know I received your email and I am looking in to this for you. tinzley_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd

Atlanta, GA 30339


You should have inspected the piece before installation. Its your fault. Live with your stupidity.

What *** buys a slab of granite from the home depot anyway?

to your fault #1441168

To AN - who needs your stupid, ignorant, useless comments? We are all attempting to be positive and productive. If you cannot add any intelligent comments, just shut up!

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