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I called the Customer Service hotline to describe a 4 month hassle getting my countertops installed. I was told someone would be in touch.

It didn't happen, here's what actually did.

What I was complaining about was not getting a call back. I ordered my countertops in early March. I was told they would be in 3rd week of March and installed by the end of the month. Then Covid 19 became a reality and I wasn't surprised when that didn't happen as planned.

What surprised me was that it took 8 phone calls, 3 trips into the store and another month just to get the initial install accomplished. It wasn't completed. More parts were needed and some that I had on hand were the wrong pieces. The companies I purchased the parts from had 30 day return policies.

All had to be wrangled into "a one time goodwill" return, also based on Covid19. The contractor HD sent gave me his phone number and said let him know by text when the parts came in and he would put me on the schedule. Four texts, 2 phone calls and 3 weeks later I hadn't received so much as a reply, I thought he must be in hospital, unable to reply. I started calling the store again.

Four more phone calls, ANOTHER trip in to the store and 3 weeks later, I had the direct number to the kitchen manager. He didn't offer that, I asked for it. I got a promise of a call from the contractor. Three more calls and a week later I finally got the call.

Still missing parts, different parts, still not the right parts. At this point I was DONE! The hot tap I had been looking forward to had become such a hassle I just wanted to stop wasting time begging HD to finish the job I'd paid for. This time, no sympathy from one of the companies who sold me the parts because I didn't write down the name of the employee who assured me I had everything I needed and everything was correct, so now I have in store credit with a store I don't need anything from.

If it hadn't taken 7 weeks to get THE SAME CONTRACTOR back to my house, I could have gotten a proper refund. I pointed this out to him. He offered to refund the install charge for the hot tap and come back to install anyway. I told him yes to the refund, no to the install, I'm done.

Yet another week goes by, no refund, no phone call. Two MORE phone calls and the kitchen manager calls to apologize and tell me he'll start the refund. Then he calls back to say that since it was a debit card instead of a credit card I have to come back to the store to get the refund in person. Let's tally that up, 4 months, 19 calls, 4 texts, 5 trips to the store, not counting the one to make the purchase in the first place, just to get to the point where I decide that something I was looking forward to was no longer worth it.

I did get the countertops, one of the sides is already peeling, but at least they were installed only 1 month late and I had a sink.

This last part was in the response I gave to the email asking, I kid you not, "How we did! 8-)" I really don't expect you to call me at this point. I don't expect you to be moved or even startled to know that, while trying to find a general customer service number for you I actually came across, not one, but 2 websites devoted to dissatisfied HD customers. All your flowery prose to the contrary, you don't give a single sorry damn about customer service.

If the person reading this, as opposed to the corporate entity does, you will either lack the authority or the time to even make an effort to make this right. I wish you a brighter future at your next job.

Anyone care to wager on the follow up?

User's recommendation: Go with a local business. Whatever you think you may save going through a big box store will be spent either in aggravation, replacing shoddy materials or having to pay someone else to fix what they broke.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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