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My name is Laura Pelliton This review is about my experience with an employee at the Home Depot in Leominster, MA. After such great experience I cannot stay without saying anything about George Beauchamp, a sale person I met today in the appliance department.

My story is this: couple weeks ago I decided to buy a refrigerator at the Home Depot in Leominster. The delivery schedule was fixed for a week later. Unfortunately, the day I was expected my purchase, the delivery man called with a bad news - my refrigerator was damaged while he was up-loaded it in the truck, and that was it, not even a promise for a new one. I had to go to the store to find out when I was going to have a replacement because nobody had told me.

Finally, the replacement arrived; but once again, the delivery men said they have no experience to remove the copper behind the old refrigerator to fix it in the new one. They dropped the new refrigerator in my leaving room and left. Imagine how frustrated I was, because I had to spend the entire weekend unable to step into my leaving room. So this morning I decided to return to Home Depot to find out if someone could help.

Thanks, God, I found George Beauchamp. When I tell him my predicament, he says "In your leaving room! Let me find the sale person who took care of you." She was not at the desk. Then George took my telephone#, he says do not worry, my manager will take care of everything for you".

This is exactly what a professional employee should do. In less than one hour, George called me, he said: "We will be at your house in 15mn to fix your problem". Exactly 15mn later George came with Pam Flory; together, using the light from a phone, these two good employees had put smile in my face again, I am using the refrigerator now. Moreover, they made a promise to me that they will do everything they can to get someone to pick up the old refrigerator.

Thanks, Home Depot at Leominster; the decision to hire those two employees was a wise one. Please, if you are looking for more people to hire, making sure they are skilled as George Beauchamp and Pam Flory. These two professional employees make me believe that there are still some good people out there who are not taking a job just for a pay check, but to help others.

Thanks, Home Depot, and thanks George Beauchamp and Pam Flory. Reviw

Laura Pelliton

Location: 135 Commercial Road, Leominster, MA 01453

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He is only paid 11.00 per hour

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