We placed an order yesterday under phone number267-997-****; under the name Aida Negron. I had a gift card; I decided to go shopping online.

I had my daughter place the order for me. I ordered a trash can, a couple of dispensers and some dish detergent. I paid 9+ dollars to have it delivered to my house. A young black man came to the door with the dispensers only; stated that these were the items he was given to deliver.

We refused the order. I called customer support, they related that I had to speak directly to the store and they gave me the number for the Home Depot at 7007 Narcoossee Rd 407-273****. I called and let the phone ring for an hour and no one answered/ picked up the phone. I was appalled; decided to call headquarters.

While trying to get thru headquarters, I noticed a trash can and the dish liquid I had ordered outside by the curve next to the trash in the pouring rain. In addition, the trash can had no lid.

My daughter called HQ. A woman answered the phone, stated that she would call the store directly. Dave answered the phone.

I explained the situation; Dave was very condescending to me. He stated that the delivery method I had chosen was the cheapest and that it was probably thru Uber NOT! I chose the online option for the delivery person to have me sign when delivered; I did not chose no contact. I gave instructions to leave the items on the ramp side by the garage.

What kind of idiot leaves items at the curb, next to the trash in the pouring rain! After pleading with Dave, who treated with a major attitude, about the lid for the trash; he promised to have it delivered today early.

I called the store and asked for Dave at 325 pm and the woman that answered stated he was gone for the day; manager available was Chris. I asked if she could help me with the lid issue. She stated I had to speak to Chris and put me on hold.

It is now 505 pm, I just hung up the phone and no one answered it; was placed on hold since 326pm. I am truly at the end of my wit! I want to file a complaint; your staff knows nothing about customer service or phone etiquette at this location. I want the lid to my trash delivered to my home because I paid for it and it is the right thing to do especially for a customer who is disabled and cannot get out of the house.

I am requesting immediate delivery.

It may not be a big issue to you or your staff but it is for me.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Your staff is definitely lacking.

I can be reached at 267-997-**** or you can call my daughter at 267-974-****.

Thank you

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere where you can be treated with dignity and respect.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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