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Home Depot refuses to post my review - they keep rejecting it because I had a negative and frustrating experience - I was not rude, I did not bash - I just expressed my experience so I am posting it here - so everyone knows what to look out for when buying multiple closets kits from home depot.

here is the summary - overall happy that I am done with the install - and it works for our needs and saved us a ton of money doing it ourselves. Overall you get what you pay for.

Quality of materials is what would you expect - laminated particle board. I had it up in about 3 nights - about 2-3 hours per night - including cutting and customizing some bars and boards to fit our dimensions. we did 3 sides of our walk-in closet - with 2 corner kits, double hanger kits and 1 large 120" tower kit with drawers. I Was not too happy that there weren't any pre-drilled holes for the drawer rails - they provided a paper template that you needed to cut out and place on the drawer side.

SO there is a small chance your drawers will not be perfect - but acceptable - ours came out ok. but the experience getting to the finish line was a bit frustrating. When you order what you need - you are under this impression that what you buy will show up in an organized fashion. I had a large order - multiples of towers, corner kits, double hangers etc.

Items showed up sporadically, hardware in separate boxes - and not all at once and with no markings to indicated what box went with what I bought. For example after digging and opening - I found that the corner kit comprises of 2 shelf boxes and 1 side panel box and a tube of hangers - problem is they all showed up at separate times so I could not being my install until the other boxes arrived. I love step by step instructions and attention to detail - which was nowhere to be found in these kits. If you are used to this sort of thing, you can figure it out - but it gives you a bit of anxiety - not knowing if you are doing it right.

The pictures of the kits on the cover of the instructions also do not match. For example - the delux hanger kit with drawers - showed 4 drawers - 2 large and 2 small - this kit came with 1 large and 2 medium. They shorted me some hardware - so you need to call the 800 number leave a message and wait for someone to call you back about 2 days later. They might not always call you back - so may have to call again.

I had to this 3 times - once for missing hardware, once for missing boxes and once because they sent the wrong face plates for the drawers. They provided you with plenty of hardware but it is mixed in different boxes and it is of decent quality. I few of the wall anchors they provided broke on me when installing them do I needed to use 3rd party self screwing 50 lbs anchiors. .

Some of the boards arrived dented from shipping - and I have no doubt they would replace them - I just didn't want to bother with the process - I mean after all it is just a closet.

If you are a DIYer and you can figure things out and you want to save a ton of money - I would recommend buying it. If not pay more and have a professional do it.

User's recommendation: Set expectations that you may / will get frustrated with this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Shipping Service.

Preferred solution: Post my honest review and stop cherry picking reviews that make the product look good and stop being selective as I saw other reviews with similar experiences posted..

Home Depot Pros: Better price.

Home Depot Cons: Unorganized.

Location: 4600 W Lake Mary Blvd, Lake Mary, FL 32746

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