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During the installation I was home the entire time and kept my eye on the 3 people working. The minute they pulled out of my driveway I was walking through my house admiring my new carpet.

In doing so, I discovered my sconce had been broken and glued back together. I immediately knew they had accidentally broke it because earlier I heard something crash when one of them was carrying a large roll of carpet on his shoulder up the stairs. I even poked my head in and seemed if everything was ok. Since they hadn't brought it to my attention that it broke, I assumed nothing broke and they just knocked it.

Silly of me to presume honesty and integrity. When I realized it was broken and they were pulling out of my driveway the glue was still wet.

They broke my sconce and instead of telling me they glued it back together and hoped I wouldn't notice. They also didn't install a section I specifically asked the person who measured to be sure to include and watched him measure it. The installers said it wasn't on "the list" so they weren't doing it.

I called to complain and spoke with someone at home depot in the carpet department.

I haven't gotten any follow up!! I'm livid. Home Depot has dishonest carpet installers and a lack of customer service.

Every year since I have lived in my house I have spent AT LEAST $1500-$3000 on home improvement. I will take my dollar elsewhere from now on and am happy to explain my horrible experience to anyone who'll listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Be careful you don't spend so much that you price your home out of the neighborhood. And don't forget the tax ramifications.


I’ve literally lost count on how many complaints about Home Depot I personally am aware of! Their installation department is ATROCIOUS-doesn’t matter what city-they’re BRUTAL!

Shoddy workmanship, incomplete work, working half days...

not coming back for days... it goes on!

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